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Finn Balor should beat Seth Rollins at Summerslam

Finn Balor Vs Seth Rollins is official for Summerslam. Both of Raw’s current top stars shall battle for the newly christened WWE Universal Championship. Two weeks ago the landscape of the WWE shifted due to the Draft. Hence Raw and Smackdown were once again divided into two separate shows, thus again creating two brands. During the draft Monday Night Raw acquired Finn Balor from NXT. A week later on his first night on the flagship show, Balor defeated Roman Reigns to earn a shot at the WWE Universal Championship.Considering that WWE has been pushing a “New Era” in the aftermath of the draft, one cannot rule Finn Balor winning the title. Here is why Finn Balor should beat Seth Rollins at Summerslam:

Truly Emphasize a New Era

Since the Draft, WWE has emphasized a New Era. So with this in mind, to truly usher in the New Era, Finn Balor should win at Summerslam. Undoubtedly Rollins is going to be accustomed to further success down the line, but WWE should implicate change. Provided that Balor wins at Summerslam, this can ultimately graduate Balor’s early push, thus justifying it. Finn Balor winning the Universal Championship at Summerslam shall truly usher in the New Era.

A Fresh Face for the Company

During the Draft, Smackdown acquired WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose. Therefore, the current leading superstar would not feature on Raw. However WWE then announced the christening of a new title, the WWE Universal Champion. More importantly this title was announced to be featured on Raw. While Seth Rollins is a former WWE World Champion in his own right, Balor brings something else. Finn Balor is no stranger to main event status such as his tenure in New Japan. Thus i personally have no doubts that Balors in-ring ability and overall popularity are enough to go on. Rollins shall no doubt maintain his status high-up in the company, i personally believe Finn Balor merits a run with the newly christened title.

Compliment NXT as a Brand

Both Finn Balor and Seth Rollins spent tenures in NXT. In addition to this both superstars are former NXT Champions; Rollins being the first and Balor being the most successful so far. Essentially both superstars glisten the lineage of the NXT Championship, therefore WWE need to play off the success stemming from NXT. Without the development brand one could argue that both stars would not attain their current statues. Furthermore by reminding fans during the feud that both shared similar success in NXT, it essentially merits a rewarding name for the brand. Lets face it, without NXT there may not have been a Seth Rollins or even a Finn Balor for that matter!

Maintain & Build fan interest

If Finn Balor wins at Summerslam, WWE would be opening to a new star. Despite being at the company for a year and a half, WWE have bided their time to push Balor to the main roster. Evidently and understandably Triple H as NXT commissioner has treaded carefully when it comes to booking Finn Balor. Thus making his debut recently on Raw, it seems as if the draft was ideal for a debut. Once declared number one contender for the WWE Universal Champion, plans for Balor became clear. Despite many believing that Balor’s sudden push is too soon, WWE need to follow up and compliment a very sudden push. Thus if Balor wins at Summerslam WWE can look to maintain and furthermore build upon fan interest for Finn Balor, as he shall attain a huge pull for the company.

Main Photo via Courtney Rose


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