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The Reason Why Brock Lesnar has not received a WWE Suspension

Well it seems Brock Lesnar truly does what Brock Lesnar wants to do. In light of a pair of failed drug tests following his UFC return, skeptics have wondered why the Beast has not received any WWE punishment. Those questions were answered when a WWE spokesperson told TMZ that their Wellness Policy does not apply to part-time performers. This is an absolute bombshell of a revelation.

The Reason Why Brock Lesnar has not received a WWE Suspension

Double Standards

Essentially the rules apply to some in WWE and not others. Lesnar can juice himself up to an unbelievable degree without any fear of punishment. What kind of message does that send to the full-time workers? They see Lesnar who is presumably not clean, getting all of the money and success, while they watch idly by under the scrutiny of the wellness policy. Arguably the biggest draw on the roster is the least clean of them all.

Take Roman Reigns for example. I am absolutely no fan of his, but this news is completely unfair to him. He was forced into punishment, after taking adderall without a prescription, yet Brock can pump himself up as he pleases. It’s just not fair, but money talks. The part-timers are always the draws, therefore Vince McMahon will turn a blind eye to what is going on. Reigns,on the other hand, was not only a full-time performer, but was not drawing well as champion. McMahon had no problem using him to send a message to the locker room.

Drug Free?

As long as steroids have existed, there have been steroid scandals in pro wrestling. Vince McMahon and his company have had to consistently deal with such scandals and rampant speculation of usage. In recent years, we’ve seen WWE institute a testing policy that they claim is better than any of the major sports. To be fair, it looks like it might have worked to a degree. The roster these days may be the smallest its been since the 1970s WWWF days. However, with this new report, we know for sure that WWE is not 100 percent clean. Lesnar sticks out like a sore thumb on a roster of smaller workers. Just another road block for the company to be completely free of drug use.

But…wait a minute. Brock has not been the only big-name part timer to perform recently. That brings us too…

Others to Which the Rules Don’t Apply

Hmm who is another prominent part-timer? Why the heir apparent to the company of course! Triple H is another part-timer to which the policy does not apply. Now I am not outright accusing anyone of using illegal drugs. But, Triple H does look remarkably good for his age. Almost to the point that he’s in better shape than his prime. In addition, this could give some juice to a story now UFC fighter CM Punk told on the infamous Art of Wrestling podcast way back when.

Punk was asked to take a urine test by the people backstage and he refused. Triple H tried to coerce him, assuring that everyone has to do it. Punk responded by asking Hunter if he gets tested, and according to the Chicago native, Trips just walked away. Well turns out Punk was right, he dosen’t get tested like everyone else.

Remember when The Rock had his “twice in a lifetime feud” with John Cena at back to back Wrestlemanias? Didn’t it seem odd that he was bigger then, than he ever was during his initial run? Well, this report could once again shed some light. Not accusing him, but it does all seem a bit curious.

Business as Usual

In the long run, the news will probably not mean much of anything. In theory, it does make sense why the policy is the way it is. A suspension wouldn’t mean much to a guy whose never around. So, Lesnar will make his appearance on Raw and have his match with Randy Orton at Summerslam just as planned. As he continues to do what he wants.


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