Gracin Raz tries to keep Momentum heading into Iowa

After the first three races of the NASCAR K&N West Series Schedule, it looked as though it would be a four-horse race for the championship, that’s when Gracin Raz turned on the jets.

Gracin Raz tries to keep Momentum heading into Iowa

Since then, in the past four races, Raz’s worst finishing position is 4th. The season is now at the halfway mark, and Raz sits just 28 points out of 1st place.

“It feels really nice to be able to put the 27 team back into the championship hunt after having a rough start to the season,” Raz said.

However, Raz has yet to earn his first victory of the season.

Looking for the first win of the year

“I feel like we should have at least and win or two this year but just some bad luck took that away from us,” Raz said. “Everything has to go perfect for you to win in such a competitive series.”

His first and only win of 2015 came at All American Speedway in Roseville, California, a track that serves as this year’s K&N West Series’ Finale. Although, Raz knows that a win in this series does not at all come easy.

“My favorite thing about the NASCAR K&N Pro Series has to be how much competition there is,” Raz added. “There’s 8-10 guys in each series that could win any given weekend. So it’s fun knowing you’re racing with some of the best of the best.”

Charity Work

While he’s off the track, Raz is a big supporter of the Get Up! Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to helping children that are facing any form of adversity in their life. It was founded in honor of Raz’s uncle, Graydon.

“The GetUp! Foundation was founded by myself and my family, and it’s all about helping out kids in need,” Raz said. “They could be going through a bad time at school, or they could be fighting a really bad illness. So it means a lot to me to give back to the kids and give them something to take their minds off of thing.”

The series travels to Iowa Speedway this weekend, where Raz’s luck has not been the best, but the 19-year old knows what he is up against.

“I raced at Iowa twice last year and struggled with electrical issues and a couple flat tires. But it’s all about track position. So restarts and passing early in the race will be important.”

Fans can follow LWOS’ Connor Ferguson on twitter for live updates of Friday’s K&N Race at @cfchangs9.

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