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Potential Opponents for Finn Balor on Raw

The 2016 WWE Draft certainly changed the landscape of the WWE. Raw and Smackdown were once again Christened as separate brands. There were some significant acquisitions for both shows, which can essentially help build each show as a brand. One acquisition that created the biggest buzz was one of six from NXT. Monday Night Raw acquired Finn Balor from the WWE’s development brand, thus ending his tenure in NXT. In April Balor lost the NXT Title to Samoa Joe, thus springing speculation about his main roster push. Finally the WWE Draft confirmed that the demon will arrive to Monday Night Raw. The Demon shall be joining a start studded roster and here 5 potential opponents for Finn Balor on Raw.

Potential Opponents for Finn Balor on Raw

Seth Rollins

The first superstar drafted to Raw. Currently one of the companies leading faces as he continues his quest for the WWE Championship. Rollins would be a great opponent for Finn Balor as the two acquire unique styles. Seth Rollins with a very well rounded aerial ability against Finn Balor who possesses a unique mixture of aerial and technical prowess. The two superstars in-ring styles combining would work a fantastic match with a high tempo and artistic technicality. Most certainly a match that would go down a treat.

Brock Lesnar

A potential match with a great billing, The Demon Vs. The Beast. Despite Lesnar working part-time he still remains a huge pull for the company as his stock remains constantly high. So with this in mind this is something that Finn Balor could take advantage of, a potential feud with Lesnar. It is not just the potential tagline but it would also be the prospect of the match. There cannot be many fans who do not want to see this match happen.

Chris Jericho

Another potential opponent which the prospect of a feud. Chris Jericho is arguably the best heel in the company right now. If Finn Balor is to debut as a face then there is no better to elevate and feed to Balor than Jericho. A potential feud could also help Balor improve his mic skills as no one is better at cutting promo’s right than Jericho, thus the two can work a brilliant feud that can elevate Balor in the long run. Ultimately Y2J is the best veteran on Raw to feud with Balor, a potential enticing feud could brew.

Roman Reigns

Not the most popular choice of opponents for Balor, however do not dismiss this prospect. Reigns is set to return at Battleground and the following night on Raw the show will debut as its own brand. Thus Balor may potentially debut on Raw and Reigns shall also feature on the flagship show. This is not an immediate idea for a feud but potentially in the long term this is something to ponder. If WWE go down the route of turning Reigns heel then personally Finn Balor would be an ideal opponent for Reigns. Amidst all the recent controversy about Reigns i personally believe time away from the main event is required, to shift the heat. A feud with Finn Balor is something that can be considered refreshing for the Roman Empire. It would also help Balor’s run in the long term.

Sami Zayn

There is a first time for everything. Both Sami Zayn and Finn Balor were in NXT at the same time. Despite this the two never had a match, however Raw have the best opportunity to book it. Two of the WWE’s top development graduates squaring off on the flagship show would be brilliant, especially for the credit of NXT. A unique style from both superstars would create a combustible match with nothing but fireworks. Since Raw are now in possession of the United States Champion, this is match worthy of the title. Zayn fully merits a title run and with that he shall need someone worthy of facing him. Finn Balor is one superstar on Raw who would be capable of facing Zayn for the title or in any match.



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