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Moussa Sissoko’s Future Uncertain

Moussa Sissoko's future is uncertain, as his mesmerising Euro 2016 form could be sold for profit or he could help Newcastle bounce back to Premier League.

Moussa Sissoko’s future is uncertain. After an impressive Euro 2016 tournament, despite it’s final bitter disappointment, he and Newcastle United will be considering their options. In addition, Didier Deschamps is very likely to favour him after he played so well in the French side. Sissoko should stay at Newcastle, to help them bounce back into the Premier League, to show some loyalty to the club and fans and to show he’s willing to work for success.

Moussa Sissoko’s Future Uncertain

Option 1: Remain at Newcastle United

One option is to stay at the Championship side, under the helm of Rafael Benitez who will surely be able to rejuvenate the Magpies. His manager will be looking at him very closely and considering his future. He may decide that his form is too unreliable and so might aim to sell him whilst his stocks are at their highest. After all, he really hasn’t been in this kind of form for a while. In addition, the funds he could get for this player may buy a handful of young stars transitioning between Championship and Premier League level.

However, such an argument is flawed because has shown himself capable of brilliant football and should recreate that next season. Gambling on his form is better than gambling on three young talents who may amount to League One footballers at best. Also, when trying to bounce back to the Premier League and stay there, the club will need world class players. He has shown that on his day, he is world class and is therefore vital to the club’s campaign.

Option 2: Transfer

Another option for Sissoko is a transfer. After such a good tournament display, there will surely be many Premier League clubs alone willing to take him on. This is without mentioning potential Ligue 1 clubs or any other European suitors. This means that if he wants a transfer, he will get one. But, after three years at the club, he should prolong his stay. There is a lack of loyalty in the modern game. This is also because he could really reignite his career by playing a vital role in his club’s promotion, bringing glory for the club and fans.


The emergence of Sissoko tempers the agonies Deschamps suffers from failing to lift the Euro 2016 trophy. Sure, France already have a wealth of talent including Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann and Dimitri Payet. But, such an emergence is very important in reducing the pressure upon these stars to consistently impress. Individually, he is physically dominant and fast, with good dribbling ability and as he demonstrated in the Euro 2016 final, has the ability to run at any defence.

He is a massive asset to his country. Still relatively young and approaching the peak of his career, he still has room to develop. In addition, he still has the potential to play in the next three or four international tournaments. Sissoko’s future is incredibly bright, and so is his nation. This is great news for Deschamps if he remains at the helm, as he currently manages an absolutely star studded squad.



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