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Hit and Miss: IndyCar Extends Iowa, Loses Boston

With today’s Iowa Corn Indy 300 comes the confirmation that Iowa Speedway has extended their IndyCar relationship through 2018. Contrasting this is the news that the Boston Grand Prix has filed for bankruptcy. As IndyCar extends Iowa and loses Boston, the series schedule sees steps forwards and backwards.

IndyCar Extends Iowa to 2018

As IndyCar extends the Iowa event, fans are sure to react positively. That’s at least two more years of what LastWordOnSports writer Connor Ferguson called “the best racing on the IndyCar circuit… next to the Indianapolis 500“. As high praise as that may be, this new deal reinforces the statement. The course and event has garnered significant popularity within the IndyCar fanbase. Although a short extension, Iowa only joined the IndyCar schedule in 2007. The stability of Iowa Corn as a sponsor makes it the second longest title sponsorship in the series’ schedule. When title sponsors change frequently on iconic races, Iowa Corn’s continuing presence is refreshing. Iowa Speedway president Jimmy Small stated that “The Iowa Corn 300 has become a bucket-list item for race fans“. The track looks to maintain its identity as the “Fastest Short Track on the Planet” in IndyCar’s future.

Boston Grand Prix goes Bankrupt

As IndyCar extends Iowa through 2018, the Boston Grand Prix declares bankruptcy. The much anticipated event was hastily replaced with Watkins Glen. The cause of the event’s failure is disputed. While the organizers complained of unrealistic expectations, the city claims the organizers were in over their heads. IndyCar has committed to refunding the ticket sales at the urging of Attorney General Maura Healey. Of the event, Healey maintained that “when they marketed and sold this event that they didn’t have the resources or permits to make it happen“.

IndyCar has managed to somewhat salvage the situation in refunding tickets and securing Watkins Glen. The deal with Watkins Glen as a replacement for the Boston Grand Prix reportedly took two weeks. A timeline track president Michael Printup referred to as “a record in motorsports“. The silver lining in the Boston situation is the Glen’s return. IndyCar has not competed at the historic course since 2010.

LWOS Motorsports writer Connor Ferguson will be covering the Iowa Corn 300 this weekend. You can follow his coverage on twitter: @cfchangs9.


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