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Caris LeVert NBA Draft Profile

In this Caris LeVert NBA Draft profile, we analyze the Michigan Wolverines senior guard, one of many talented prospects entering this year's draft.

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Caris LeVert – Shooting Guard – 6’7” 205 lbs, University Of Michigan, 21 Years Old

Caris LeVert had his college career end on a sour note. LeVert injured his leg last season, leading to him missing a large period of time on the court. In years previous, LeVert also suffered injuries to his foot. Injuries have clearly been an issue for LeVert in the past. LeVert has been part of a Michigan Wolverines team that has also had talented players such as Nik Stauskas. LeVert spent four years at Michigan but never really fulfilled his potential, with injuries playing a big part in that. LeVert played 14 games during the 2015-16 season, averaging 16.5 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.9 assists. Those are good numbers for a player who could never really find a rhythm, given his injury issues.


LeVert is a very good scorer, with above average athleticism. LeVert’s wingspan is measured at 6’10”, which is long for a guard. LeVert is an instinctive offensive player, with good shot selection. Knowing when to shoot and when not to shoot is a handy trait at the NBA level. LeVert shot 45% from beyond the arc in his final year at Michigan. With the three ball becoming more and more effective in the NBA, LeVert’s stock will surely rise after pre-draft workouts. LeVert stands at 6’7”, which gives him a distinct advantage over other shooting guards. LeVert definitely uses his height to his advantage, as he looks to shoot over almost any defender. LeVert may look like a lanky kid who just looks to shoot the second he gets the ball, but you’d be wrong to think so. He is a surprisingly good distributor, as despite his scoring role at Michigan, he managed to tally 4.9 assists per game in his final year.


Injuries. It’s as simple as that; injuries ruined what could have been a great college career for LeVert. LeVert had three surgeries in just 22 months on the same foot injury during his time in college. Clearly, LeVert will be labelled injury prone. He is also quite skinny, or in other words, he is underweight, currently weighing in at barely 205 lbs. LeVert will certainly need to add some weight and muscle, so that more aggressive and bulky shooting guards can’t bully him on the court. Despite being a very good shooter, LeVert’s ability off-the-dribble game can be awful at times. LeVert will do well at the next level as a catch-and-shoot guard, rather than forcing the shot off the dribble. Due to LeVert’s lack of strength, he really struggles defensively. Entering the draft as an inconsistent defender will raise questions about LeVert, especially during pre-draft workouts.

NBA Potential

LeVert will likely spend a lot of time on the bench early on in his NBA career, coming into games to try and score as much as possible. With all of his injury problems and LeVert’s lack of defensive ability, it’s difficult to see LeVert having a long and successful career in the NBA. That’s disappointing, because without all of his injury problems in college, LeVert could potentially be a draft steal, as he is expected to be just a second round pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. LeVert will likely spend time in the NBA Development League in his early years in the Association.

NBA Player Comparison

In a best case scenario, Caris LeVert will overcome his injury problems and add weight. Then, Klay Thompson (which some have compared LeVert to) would still be an absolutely absurd comparison for LeVert. LeVert has some of Thompson’s traits, but it’s unlikely that he will ever be as good as Thompson. But LeVert could be as good as Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lamb. Lamb is a shooter who entered the NBA underweight, just like LeVert, and with a bit of luck, LeVert could see himself fall into a Lamb-esque role in the NBA, coming off the bench as a reliable shooter. But putting NBA players aside, LeVert reminds me of one of the most coveted players in this year’s draft. Duke’s Brandon Ingram is a skinny shooter who shares a lot of offensive traits with LeVert. Ingram is a significantly better defender, which is why he’s expected to go in the top two of the draft. But if LeVert didn’t have those injury problems, he could be considered as a legitimate first round selection. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Watch to see where Caris LeVert lands on draft day, and be sure to keep yourself updated with our complete coverage of the 2016 NBA Draft.



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