Roughriders Cuts Made


The Saskatchewan Roughriders cuts were made today to reduce their roster to 65 players, excluding non-counters. Every CFL team was required to reduce their roster before the first cut down deadline on June 14th at 11:59 p.m. ET. The Riders made their cuts ahead of schedule.

Roughriders Cuts Made

* International receiver Marquez Clark

* International offensive lineman Will Corbin

* International running back Johnta Hebert

* International defensive lineman Caesar Rayford

* International linebacker Rollins Stallworth

* International defensive lineman Ino Vitale

* International receiver Devrin Young

* National receiver S.J. Haidara

* National defensive back Dan West

Not many surprises in this bunch. Hebert got quite a long look in the first exhibition game against the B.C. Lions, so that’s a small surprise.

Rayford has been around since last year. Many fans had a higher opinion of his play, which could have been higher than warranted.

West may get another look in the CFL before he’s done. He’s got some talent, game experience, and he’s still very young.

Haidara might also get another chance to prove what he’s capable of. There is more than one older and less productive national receivers still kicking around the CFL, so he could potentially earn a spot.

Good luck and goodbye, at least for now, to all the players released. If all of these players keep positive and keep working hard, they may surface again. Making an NFL or CFL training camp roster is just one step towards a pro football career and that’s closer than 98% of players ever get.

Additional Info

The Riders announced that they have released International receiver Shay Hodge. They also announced that they have signed International defensive lineman Jonathan Williams.

All teams must reduce their rosters to 46 active players, excluding non-counters, before the second cut down deadline on June 18th at 9:59 p.m. ET.

All teams can employ a minimum of two national players and a maximum of eight international players on their practice roster of up to ten players.

There are no limits to how many players can be on a teams suspended list or the two varieties of injured lists, one-game or six-game.

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