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Money In The Bank Ladder Match Analysis

This Sunday marks the sixth annual WWE Money In The Bank PPV. The traditional Money In The Bank Ladder match shall take place and we shall see a new Mr. Money In the Bank christened. Here is how each competitor in the match weighs up in their chances of leaving the City of sin with the briefcase.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match Analysis


The Competitors

What makes this Money In The Bank Ladder Match so unique is the variety of ability and charisma. There is a mixture of veterans and fresh faces on the main roster. Some of whom shall be participating in their first Money In The Bank ladder match. This creates the element of surprise for the Ladder match and builds for more excitement.

Sami Zayn: Making his official main roster debut back in April. Sami Zayn has already gathered a huge following from the WWE universe. One would have to believe Zayn would be a popular choice to take home the briefcase. However it is unlikely Sami will be leaving Mr. Money In The Bank as he is yet to win any gold.

Kevin Owens: Kevin Owens faced John Cena at the same PPV last year. Now KO looks to take his first step towards championship gold. While he is not odds on at this moment in time, he would be a popular choice to win. If he does leave Vegas with the briefcase then the WWE would be heading the right direction.

Alberto Del Rio: A former Money In The Bank winner in his own right. The essence of excellence has not created any buzz around himself since his return. For now, it is highly unlikely he will leave Mr. Money In The Bank a second time, thus remaining in the backseat, as a main event push is not on the cards.

Chris Jericho: The creator for the concept of the Money In The Bank Ladder match. Despite creating the match, he is yet to win it. Sunday will probably be no different as he is unlikely to leave with the briefcase, despite his career meriting it.

Dean Ambrose: The lunatic fringe is odds on in many fan’s opinion. A win for Ambrose could also begin to place the seeds in a feud between all three former Shield brothers.

Cesaro: The Swiss Superman has gathered momentum in his stride since his return. The Cesaro Section has continued to represent strongly at the same time. All he needs is a main event push onto the next level, which surely must come soon. However at this point, it does not seem as if Sunday will be the day to aid that push.


Coming off the June 13th edition of Monday Night Raw, it seems as if Dean Ambrose has hogged the spotlight. Especially after his segment with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. As of right now, Dean Ambrose is odds on to leave Vegas with the briefcase.

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