Last Word SC Radio: USA vs. Columbia Recap

(June 3, 2016) – Well that stunk. The United States Men’s National Team just lost their opening game of Copa America Centenario 2-0 to Columbia. Ty, Matt, Alec, and Joe sit down after the match to break down what went wrong and what needs to change for the US to have a chance at advancing out of the group.

Last Word SC Radio: USA vs. Columbia Recap

The boys talk about players playing out of position, the lack of chemistry, and whether or not the 4-3-3 needs to be tweaked or abandoned. Alec and Joe try to talk Ty and Matt off the ledge. Alec calls Ty crazy. Joe and Matt go at it about whether or not the end is nigh for US Soccer as we know it. Basically, this entire show devolves into entertaining and organized chaos.

In segment two, the guys talk about the substitution decisions and analyze a few of Jurgen Klinsmann‘s post game quotes. They talk about lineup changes for the match against Costa Rica and the realities of whether or not the US can turn things around. The guys break down Clint Dempsey‘s and Michael Bradley‘s role and what they can do better.

This pod was filled with hot takes and is very entertaining, in a hot mess sort of way. If you’re not rewatching ‘The Door’ episode of Game of Thrones to make yourself feel better, this episode will certainly help you through your sorrow. Alec still kind of wants to kill Matt. Regardless, #IBelieveThatWeWillWin, cause doing the impossible when everyone thinks you’ll fail is what the USMNT does.

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Tyler Bailey is an undergraduate student at Fordham University in New York City and covers NYCFC and the USMNT as a Staff Writer for Last Word on Sports. He’s an avid musician, a member of Fordham University Men’s Club Soccer (Go Rams!), an unpredictable Twitter personality, and a soccer hipster. He loves cats and the beautiful game.

Matt Pollard is a Featured Columnist at Last Word on Sports and Corrosion Engineer. When he’s not saving pipelines and cleaning up messes, he’s going for a run, trying a microbrewery, or watching sports. His first sports love was the LA Kings, though MLS didn’t exist at the time. Once called the Shakespeare of the department, he covers the LA Galaxy, Colorado Rapids, and Saint Louis FC. Like the Galaxy, he too was handcrafted in LA

Alec Rivera is a Major League Soccer Editor at Last Word on Sports; a longtime fan of both the sport and the league, he has been delighted to cover D.C. United as a Staff Writer for the past few years. He grew up playing soccer from the age of three and, for the longest time, refused to even acknowledge any other sport except in passing. Nowadays, he is not so discriminatory to the lesser sports. Except hockey. Because ice makes him cold. #VamosUnited #GoNats #GoRavens #GoWizards #DCrising