NASCAR Social Media

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Social media is everywhere in our lives and it is not going to go away anytime soon. From tweets to scopes to snaps, people anywhere can have their word seen and heard whether it needs to be heard or not.

Brian France attended a conference a week ago where he was part of a guest panel and answered questions of the importance of digital and social media to reach and engaging new fans in NASCAR. Being familiar with setting up and running a website, as well as using all forms of social media, it doesn’t take long to see  both the  positive and negative aspects of using these forums.

NASCAR Social Media

On any given race day, passionate race fans can be seen and heard talking about the upcoming race and who its winners and losers might be. As well as post race the many views and tweets begin to flow from congratulatory comments to down right hurtful views.  anica Patrick seems to share the brunt of the bad comments but any driver can share the blame on any given Sunday.

Sometimes views are shared among fans and they become construed or taking out of context.  NASCAR fans are very passionate about their drivers and their manufacturers.

Many, including this writer, have said things on social media that are taken out of context, and this usually leads to regrets. When one mentions that a certain broadcaster is doing a great job in the booth, only to have it lead to bashing the others is something that was not intended and comes later with deep regret.

With a sport that is watched and supported by passionate fans, things will be said over social media that will please some and anger some. The sport of NASCAR racing has plenty of things that can be debated and argued, but lets keep it friendly, no need to get personal.

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