Treble Radio: Leicester are Champions! City Getting Europa League Spot?


Catch up with Laura, Nick and Arslan as they talk about the new champions of England!

What’s in store for Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal? What has he accomplished?

Furthermore, Manchester City are in trouble. Trouble of dropping out of the Top-4 and playing in the Europa League next season, and with Pep Guardiola coming in, this could be a disaster.

Who’s going to be relegated? Will Crystal Palace be dragged through the mud?

Does Arsenal step up and take advantage of City’s current form this weekend?

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Laura McFayden is a photographer living in the great city of Kansas City, Missouri. Her love for Manchester United is just as strong as her love for MLS club Sporting Kansas City and two time NWSL champions FC Kansas City. She is also an MLS editor for Last Word on Sports. She has played basketball, volleyball, softball, ran track, and did gymnastics, but none of those came close to soccer.

Eric Walcott is a Legislative Assistant in the Michigan House of Representatives by day, and a soccer fan 24/7. He’s played soccer his whole life and now covers MLS, Portland Timbers, and Arsenal for LWOS. Eric helped start the supporters group Sons of Ransom for NPSL club Lansing United because there’s nothing quite like standing in the crowd and supporting your local team every weekend. 4th place might not be a trophy, but THE FA CUP SURELY IS!

Treble Radio host, Arslan Siddiqui, is a Canadian who does not speak many languages, but he has definitely specialized in the language of the beautiful game. When his grasp of the language isn’t strong enough, he (tries) to substitute it with comedy. He is a Liverpool fan who started the ‘Anfield Alive’ column on Last Word On Sports, where he provides commentary and opinion on everything Liverpool and Premier League related. A university student and a young adult, he promises to provide entertainment and (a little bit of) knowledge!


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