Finn Balor is Coming…And Soon

Finn Balor is coming to…and soon.

In a day filled with unspeakable tragedy with the passing of women’s wrestling icon Chyna and music legend Prince, a story out of Lowell, Massachusetts may slip past the radar. But it shouldn’t. Not if you’re a Finn Balor fan, clamouring for his debut on the WWE Main Roster.

Last night, at an untelevised NXT Live Event, Finn Balor lost the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe. After the finish of the match, the ref threw up the X (signalling a real injury) and the trainers came down to check on him. Joe walked off the new NXT Champion, while Balor limped off to the back room. But what if the injury was a work? And what if that was Finn’s final match in NXT?

Immediately after the loss, Balor tweeted the following:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.23.42 AM

Shortly after, WWE Superstar and NXT alum Kevin Owens responded with:

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.25.25 AM

At first it doesn’t seem to register. Why would they drop the title on an untelevised house show? Why would they toss away a potential money match unseen when it could be another TakeOver main event or a “must see” moment on NXT itself? Because perhaps they want Finn up now. And they want him up without the up-and-down interaction like Kevin Owens did. They want Finn fully immersed on the Main Roster. And they want him now.

The first set of post-Wrestlemania NXT tapings isn’t until Thursday April 28th – up till now, they’ve been using matches taped around Wrestlemania weekend for their packages. And we’re months away from the next NXT TakeOver (June 8th’s Revenge). To commit Finn to another set of tapings means he’ll be on NXT TV for another month. Waiting to drop it at a special event like TakeOver locks him up for months more. It’s best to have him leave quietly in the shadows – being invisible from both brands for a few weeks would do wonders for his character’s mystique.

And then it’s time to join his boys in the Big Time.


That’s right. Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson and Luke “Doc” Gallows aren’t in the WWE to help “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles. They’re there to pave the way for their own sweet Prince, Finn Balor.

WWE has acknowledged the Bullet Club and AJ Styles and their angles from NJPW on their website and Social Media. This is huge because, much like the 90’s, other promotions kayfabe are now part of the collective “wrestling universe” again (WWE is just seemingly the sun around which the rest revolves). Therefore, what happened in NJPW is considered canon for the members’ backstory as to their entering the company. This has been acknowledged through their media coverage, recognizing AJ as a former Bullet Club member, former IWGP World Champion, etc.

But how did AJ leave NJPW again? Oh that’s right. He was KICKED OUT OF THE BULLET CLUB. In fact, he was BEATEN DOWN and removed as leader. While Kenny Omega did the initial attack, Anderson & Gallows did indeed join in in beating down of Styles. In fact, Anderson was one of the last men standing over a beaten Styles.

Who did AJ replace as leader of the Bullet Club? Prince Devitt. He was never kicked out, he left with the Club’s blessing. Left to join NXT and become Finn Balor. No one has been posting more social media about Anderson/Gallows joining up with HIM than Finn Balor on his Instagram and Twitter. For their part, the other two have responded in part. Anderson even wore Balor trunks for his final match in NJPW. Which all leads to the distinct reality that Finn Balor is just about ready to release the Demon into the WWE Universe, now that his Hell Hounds have knocked down some of the Titans.


WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns faces AJ Styles in Chicago at the Allstate Arena at Payback. All signs – if you are to believe The Miz and Reigns – seem to point to Gallows & Anderson being there to protect Styles’ best interests. But what if they’re not? The two thugs will most likely interfere in some capacity – that much is a given. Most likely in yet another beatdown on everyone’s favourite Chosen Samoan. Perhaps the match is thrown out and Styles is disqualified. Maybe Styles gets a little angry at them costing his shot, insisting he never asked for their help or backup. Anderson looks at Gallows. They both laugh. Anderson turns to AJ and says this isn’t about Roman, and this sure isn’t as hell isn’t about AJ. It’s about HIM, immediately doing the infamous Scott Hall point up the runway. The Demon’s music hits and there he appears at the top of the ramp, in full Demon makeup. While AJ is staring up at the main roster debut of Finn Balor, Doc and Gallows beats down AJ, in a scene reminiscent from NJPW’s New Year Dash. Finn strolls down, and the closing shots are Finn, Luke and Karl standing over a beaten down AJ and Roman. Roman doesn’t lose his strap, AJ can look good (even Main Event material) but he doesn’t need to take a pin, and Finn and the Balor Club just became a Main Event level faction.

While the last part may be some wishful thinking, one thing is for certain.

Balor is coming.

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