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Johnson vs Cejudo: UFC 197 Co-main Event

As UFC 197 co-main event, Johnson Vs Cejudo is right around the corner we take at the UFC Flyweight Championship fight, breaking it all down.

As UFC 197 co-main event, Johnson Vs Cejudo is right around the corner, we take a look at the flyweight championship fight.  Demetrious Johnson vs. Henry Cejudo is 100 percent the most exciting fight this division has ever seen. If this is your first time watching a UFC or witnessing either of these fighters you are in for a fast paced, high action fight. While many people shrug off the flyweights because of their “inability” to deliver the KO, after this fight you will most definitely have a different appreciation for the speed and technique of the flyweight division. Let’s just dive right in.

Johnson vs Cejudo: UFC 197 Co-main Event

In the blue corner, you have Cejudo, who is by far the most decorated athlete to ever enter the UFC. At the age of 21, he became the youngest man to ever capture gold in the Olympics for wrestling. Eight years later, and now sporting an undefeated 10-0 record in the UFC, he is fighting for gold once again. I know what your thinking “Olympic wrestler, so he must wrestle everybody right?” WRONG. While “the Messenger” does use his wrestling effectively in the UFC he mostly uses it to defend the takedown (and seriously good luck with that if you try), but his striking is some scary stuff.

Here is an example look at how fluently he hits the ankle pick up against the cage also note his great movement and placement of the left hook.

If there was ever a chance for someone to beat the champion, it is most likely right now. Although Cejudo has competed (and succeeded) at the highest level in sports he has never fought someone like “Mighty Mouse”.

In the Red Corner,  Johnson is the current champion, and only person to ever hold the flyweight title in the UFC. While my heart thinks that Conor McGregor is (or was) the pound-for-pound king of the UFC, and the UFC rankings have Jon Jones as number one, if you really sit down and look at everything, Johnson is without a doubt the pound-for-pound best fighter in all of MMA. He is a true martial artist and his technique is flawless. Not only is he fast and explosive, he is continuing to showcase growth in every single fight even though he has defended his title eight times.

 Here you can see the speed, precision and technique of Johnson.

Why Johnson doesn’t get a bigger push from the UFC is still a mystery to me. It’s most likely because knockouts at flyweight are few and far between making it a boring fight for a casual MMA fan.

Key’s to success

If anyone has a shot to beat the champ it is definitely Cejudo. What he needs to do is utilize his Olympic background, and take the fight to the ground as much as possible. While I think the pressure won’t really phase Johnson I have no doubt in my mind that Cejudo will be able to take the champ down, and most likely keep him down as the fight goes on. If you were unaware, wrestlers are known for the best cardio/work ethic in the game.

Johnson’s success will come from his footwork. While Cejudo is trying to close the gap to get the takedown, the champ will need to utilize his speed and movement or as an old timely boxing coach would say, stick and move. Johnson needs to avoid the clinch at all cost and strike from the outside similar to the strategy Holly Holm used against Ronda Rousey.

Regardless of the outcome, we are about to see the most exciting fight in flyweight history, be patient with it and appreciate the level of talent in the Octagon, we may never see that again.

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