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Anthony Davis Ruled out for the Rest of the Season

Earlier this afternoon, the New Orleans Pelicans officially announced that forward Anthony Davis will be ruled out for the rest of the season. He’s been battling various injuries, and will receive surgery on his knee and shoulder to repair a torn labrum. With 13 games left on the schedule for the Pelicans, they are currently sitting at twelfth place in the Western Conference standings.

Prior to this season, Davis signed a max deal worth $145 million over 5 years. With Kobe Bryant retiring, as contracts stand right now, Davis will become the highest paid player in the NBA when the pre-season begins around September. At the tender age of 23, ‘The Brow’ is an unique specimen and playing as if he’s been in the association for decades. However, his team has gone backwards in progression after entering the playoffs during the 2014-2015 season.

When a player is given a multi-million dollar contract, there are some outstanding expectations that come along with it. By awarding that deal, the franchise is telling the individual that they are the star of that team for years to come. Anthony Davis is, without a doubt, already a rising star and top big man in this league and will be paid as such. This season, Davis averaged a double-double and shot a career-high 33% from three. Individually, he’s been spectacular; but his team hasn’t benefited from his exceptional play.

The Pelicans have players with loads of potential and skill in certain areas. On the other hand, the Pelicans also have personnel that can’t stay healthy long enough to play more than five games. The poster boy of non durability is their shooting guard, Eric Gordon, who has only managed to participate in 45 contests this season. Earlier this month, New Orleans released that Gordon would miss the rest of the season due to a fractured right ring finger. Forward Tyreke Evans will also be missing the rest of the season as a result of constant right knee pain. The Pelicans can’t seem to catch a break, evident by the fact that Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans, and Jrue Holiday have not been in the same starting lineup in any of the 69 games.

Anthony Davis can’t prevent his teammates acquiring injuries and going through surgeries, nor he can he fully prevent himself from becoming injured. Nonetheless, Davis has to prove that he’s worthy of a salary paying him upwards of $20 million. Leading a franchise to the playoffs one season, getting swept in four games, then finishing well below the playoff picture the next season doesn’t scream “Multi-million dollar man” to anyone. AD23 needs to show the New Orleans organization, its fans, and the NBA in general that he’s worth the massive amount of money.


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