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Wrestling Unwrapped: WWF St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Patrick and Sean discuss everything about WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre on this episode.

This week, we cover WWF St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

As our hosts set out on yet another journey, something seems different. The group seems… lighter. Patrick looks around and wonders where the hell Harry is. Oh wait, it’s his birthday, so he isn’t able to come with this time. Hmph… some Valentine’s Day.

As it is, Patrick and Sean will be tackling this week’s episode, and with it being such a festive day, what better way to celebrate it than with a show named after it, in WWF St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

The final major stop on the rod to Wrestlemania XV, and a main event that will decide the final match of the biggest show of the year, as Steve Austin puts his Wrestlemania title shot on the line to get one shot at the boss, Mr. McMahon. Also, the WWF title is in the line as The Rock defends the belt against Mankind in a Last Man Standing match. What will it take for one man to stay down for a ten count?

And, as always, we’ll discuss our cash and trash, best and worst match, and of course the final rating as well.

——- Time Stamps ——-

(5:00-1:25:20) WWF St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Review
(1:25:20-1:35:45) Cash & Trash, Best & Worst Match
(1:35:45-End) Final Rating


Wrestling Unwrapped is a Retro Wrestling Review Podcast, where Patrick Ketza, Harry Broadhurst and producer Sean Garmer run down the best and worst in Pro Wrestling shows. From WWE to SHIMMER to AIW to ROH and more, there’s nothing they won’t cover. Join them each week for their thoughts on a wrestling show, the matches, the performers, and even the commentary. Don’t forget to stick around for their discussion topic, Cash and Trash, and their Best and Worst match, and a final show rating as well. Wrestling Unwrapped airs live on on Sunday nights and then is available on-demand via I-Tunes, Stitcher, Youtube (Via W2M Network), Blubrry, The Last Word Radio I-Tunes & Stitcher and more.

Patrick Ketza: The Host of Wrestling Unwrapped is never one to mince words, Patrick has spent his whole life growing up in one of the best wrestling cities in the world, Chicago. A fan of all types, Patrick not only follows the big companies, but smaller indie companies as well.

Harry Broadhurst: The Co-host of Wrestling Unwrapped is a thirty year old from Ohio, but a twenty five year long fan of professional wrestling. He started watching with his uncle and his grandpa at the age of five. He is also the play by play voice of Real Action Pro Wrestling based out of Campbell, Ohio.

Sean Garmer: The producer on Wrestling Unwrapped studied Journalism at the University of North Texas. Sean loves pro-wrestling so much that he even trained to be a wrestler at the age of 17. Though he eventually had to quit wrestling to go to college, he still returned to do play-by-play commentary, help write storylines, and most of all, to watch matches. Sean started his love of pro-wrestling at the age of five after watching a Hulk Hogan match. Due to his family hating sports-entertainment, there were many years he missed. However, he returned full-time to being a fan in the late 1990’s. Since then, Sean has gone on to write for various wrestling websites in a number of capacities, but he discovered his true passion, Podcasting, four years ago when he and Gary started the Wrestling 2 the MAX Podcast.


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