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Carolina Panthers Success Keeps Pounding to the Top

In order to understand why Carolina's success will continue to, the arguments that seem to cause suspicion require analysis. "How did they just randomly blow up this year? What's different?"

The fourth quarter play clock slowly winds down as victory becomes evident for the Denver Broncos. Euphoric and sorrowful emotions overwhelm Levi Stadium as Jim Nantz exclaims the eight fearful words Carolina did not prepare for. “Denver Broncos! They take it! Super Bowl 50!” The pounding energy, cheerful stature and immense confidence was all brought to a despairing end. In light of the loss, the long journey embarked by the Panthers remains hopeful in years to come. Despite the pain and grief of defeat, their prowl to the Super Bowl exceeded countless expectations. All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume they still pounded their way to the top and will continue to do so for years to come.

Carolina Panthers Success Keeps Pounding to the Top

In order to understand why Carolina’s success will continue, the arguments that seem to cause suspicion require analysis. “How did they just randomly blow up this year? What’s different?” The answer to these questions is effortless; nothing in reference to character has changed, they’ve simply progressed physically and mentally. Between 2005 and 2012, the organization gained players such as Thomas Davis, Ryan Kalil, Jonathan Stewart, Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, Luke Kuechly and Josh Norman. Likewise, Ron Rivera receiveed the head coach title in 2011. The reign of Rivera began with coaching strategy and team building.

“Great relationship with the players. He’s calm, he’s steady, he’s honest with them, he’s mentally tough, he’s smart and has a great presence to him.”
– Charley Casserly (Former NFL GM)

Importantly, Rivera has proven his dedication in developing a team with promise. Progress and trust are two key factors that lead this team from defeat to victory. Although taking a few years to achieve, the prominent strategy applied results in greatness. Coupled with a remarkable team, the apparent utilization of old school football remains as the essential principal. It goes without saying, the team portrays the strategy and will continue to do so.

The most obvious yet compelling argument directed towards Carolina is centered on Cam Newton. Having said that, it seems as though his comical personality and entertaining behavior leads to numerous criticisms. The media, along with the NFL fan base in general, distinctly convey judgement provided with love or hate for the quarterback. Regardless of the many opinionated commentary towards Newton, it is clear that his composure not only exhibits motivation, but also emits simple passion for the game.

“Cam is different; and if he’s having fun along the way, it’s not a problem ….”
– Willie McGinest (Former NFL linebacker)

These characteristics have clearly demonstrated unity, trust and communication throughout the entire team. Newton’s noticeable turn-around, in comparison to last year, includes four 300+ yard games, as well as nearly doubling his touchdown total. In other words, his combination of charisma, humbleness and talent impacts beyond that of himself, but within each and every teammate. Above all, Newton’s enthusiasm will carry on to further Carolina’s success, regardless of tabloids, rumors, opinions and judgement.

In the end, the arguments raising suspicion and doubt have only constructed strong, skillful and determined players. Similarly, Rivera spoke after the loss against Denver stating, “This is all part of it, that’s where we’re learning and growing.” As stated above, such tactics create the structure of the Panther’s foundation, which in turn produces powerful stamina. Simple statistical evidence on the 2015-16 season is quite possibly the last reason why Carolina will remain at the top. Collectively, team unity, enthusiasm, humbleness and talent combine as the primary explanation on not only this past season, but in the up and coming seasons as well. The season closes as one thought is kept in mind of Carolina’s success in years to come; Every victory deserves happiness and celebration. Every defeat deserves sorrow and grief, which is done in many different ways. Judgement comes not by either.


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