ISR Interview Phil Blacker: Chelsea has too much quality to be relegated

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This past Sunday talkSPORT Live Soccer Commentator Phil Blacker joined the International Sports Report’s Lins O’Connor and Peter Irvine on TSN 1050 Radio in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from across the pond to discuss the weekend’s English Premier League action.

Phil explains how the Arsenal vs Chelsea dynamic is noticeably different this season than in past years. Blacker offers his unique prescriptive being the Commentator for the Arsenal vs Chelsea match on talkSPORT Live radio Sunday. He explains that Arsenal has struggled against Chelsea in recent history and that could play a factor, despite the Gunners stronger play this season. He goes on to breakdown why he thinks Chelsea will avoid relegation this season, thanks to the quality of talent they have on their roster. Blacker also compares Chelsea under Manager Jose Mourinho in the past vs Guus Hiddink currently. Phil is asked about the last time Chelsea has been this bad in the clubs’ history. He also points out this is Arsenal’s chance to make a Premier League title push, while many traditionally top clubs are struggling. Phil also gives the pulse on Louis van Gaal’s job security at Manchester United… or lack there of, after their surprising 0-1 loss to Southampton Saturday. He also opines on who could be the Manchester United’s new manager in the summer or possibly sooner given the way the squad has played of late.


Main Photo Credit: Arsenal v Chelsea, Premier League. Emirates stadium, London. Pic by Andy Hooper/DailyMail; Diego Costa scores scores for Chelsea, as they defeat Arsenal by a score of 1-0 in Premier League action on January 24, 2016.