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Updated Baseball Fanbase Names

This is a satirical reflection on what each baseball fanbase should be called. It's time to end the era of the "Nation".

Yes, I know it has been a couple moons since we have last seen each other.  I’m not going to go all Adele on us, but it is quite good to be back.  I’m looking forward to a new baseball season, new summer, and the same strong dislike for the defensive shift.  Anyway, why I have gathered us all today is to address something that has become way out of hand.  We must address what we call ourselves as fans.  It’s becoming quite the epidemic.

Because the ol’ cliche”(Team Name) Nation” is beginning to get on my nerves…let’s take this time to reflect on the names we have chosen for ourselves as baseball fans. They suck…like a Dyson. But no fear, I have come up with new baseball fanbase names for all of us.  So sit back and relax and please don’t flood my inbox with hate mail (I’m looking at you, Jerry).

New 2016 MLB Fanbase Names

Angels: The Believers

Astros: Est. 2015

A’s: At least we have the Raider…nevermind

The Blue Jays, Cardinals and Orioles are all members of the Audubon Society

Braves: The Infield Flies

Brewers: A Lil’ Tipsy

Cubs: The Centennials

D’Backs: Digging for Goldschmidt

Dodgers: Who invited this guy over?

Giants: Just sayin’ it’s an even year

Indians: We have a baseball team?

Mariners: Is it too late for Russell Wilson to play?

Marlins: The lols

Mets: Because the Yankees are sold out

Nationals: The Politicians

Padres: The Friars

Phillies: The Pride and Joy of Philadelphia

Pirates: ABANDON SHIP…after the All-Star Break of course

Rangers: Ron Washington’s Mustache


Red Sox: Tea in the Harbor

Reds: The Classiest Fans in Cincinnati

Rockies: Making mediocre hitters look great since 1995

Royals: The Subjects

Tigers: Slim Shady

Twins: Twinkee Cream Fillings

White Sox: The Curse of Shoeless Joe

Yankees: The Remember Whens

So with that being said, I know some of these will take a little bit of time to catch on.  But I know us baseball fans, we can embrace who we truly are and wear these names with pride.

All in good fun guys… can’t wait to start 2016 with each and every one of you. You’ve been great sports! If you have any suggestions, comments, or recipes, or even if you just want to make fun of my hair, please do make use of the comment section below!

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