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Survivor Series 2015 Predictions and Analysis

Survivor Series 2015 takes place at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. The event is claimed to be threatened by ISIS through a low level Anonymous source which the FBI has looked into. It’s important to make it clear that the source of this information doesn’t come from the Anonymous you have often heard about in the news but a lesser source. Think of it like getting news about the New World Order not from Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash or Scott Hall, but from Hoarace Hogan. Is it really so legitimate? Of course, if a catastrophe happens, my doubts and criticisms will sound like I ignored useful information, but allowing fear to disrupt your decisions means terrorism worked.

This isn’t the first time the WWE has been threatened… technically. Wrestlemania VII was supposed to take place at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where 100,000 wrestling fans would flock to see American hero Hulk Hogan take on Iraqi sympathizer and WWF World champion Sgt. Slaughter. According to the WWF, the event had to be moved to the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena due to security concerns. In reality, the WWF thought they could ride war profiteering to late March and interest just wasn’t filling 100,000. Instead, they drew 16,158, which meant it didn’t sell out.

Survivor Series 2015 Predictions and Analysis

Whether or not Survivor Series was legitimately threatened or not, it doesn’t change the fact this event was not booked as well as it could have been. On the October 26th episode of Raw, WWE ran qualifying matches to contend in the main event fatal four way to decide the number one contender to Seth Rollins WWE World Heavyweight championship. A little more than one week later, Rollins was injured in a house show match. What did WWE do? Run a tournament! Three of the four wrestlers who made it to the fatal four way match represent the semi-finals for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Dolph Ziggler is instead working a match against NXT expatriate Tyler Breeze while Dean Ambrose makes up the final four. WWE just repeated their number one contendership to decide the vacant champion. That’s not something to be applauded.

All the while, the company has also had close to a month to build up some classic Survivor Series matches and instead, we’re getting a five on five traditional Survivor Series match where we don’t know who is involved. Gone are the days of Vince McMahon shouting out the teams with fancy names, replaced by a mystery match involving 10 wrestlers. It’s inexplicable. I don’t care how much of their booking was placed in disarray with Rollins going down to injury. That doesn’t mean you neglect your midcard to the point where you’re going to whip something together at the last minute. That’s the sort of booking WWE mocks about World Championship Wrestling on every documentary special about WCW, who used to regularly emanate from Atlanta, Georgia. Now WWE gives us Survivor Series with the same on the fly booking as the company they sent to the grave. This doesn’t bode well for 2016, just around the corner.

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Predictions and Analysis

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio

Aaron, Adam Contant, Jeff, Adam Berry and Rich: Roman Reigns
Thoughts by Jeff DeHaan: Reigns making it to the finals has been the most obvious part of this tournament, so I would be incredibly surprised if he didn’t get past Del Rio. Expect this to be a decent match, but at the same time just a stepping stone for Roman on his way to the title.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Aaron and Adam Berry: Kevin Owens
Adam Contant, Jeff and Rich: Dean Ambrose
Thoughts by Rich Laconi: Ambrose goes over here with a clean pin fall after a possible MOTY candidate. Both these men can go, telling great stories in the ring. I expect no less at Survivor Series. This tournament has been building to an Ambrose and Reigns showdown and considering Owens is carrying the Intercontinental title, a loss here doesn’t hurt him.

Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler

Aaron, Jeff and Rich: Tyler Breeze
Adam Contant and Adam Berry: Dolph Ziggler
Thoughts by Adam Contant: This is great rivalry to get Tyler Breeze established, but as a newcomer to WWE’s main roster, he will likely follow the pattern of most call ups, which is to say he will cool off for a bit following his hot debut to see how he handles being ignored for a while. There is some potential for this series to continue regardless of what happens at the show, but in my mind it makes more sense for the more experienced Dolph to get the victory, and have the brash newcomer continue to pursue a victory over the show off.

WWE Divas Championship
Paige vs. Charlotte (c)

Aaron, Jeff, Adam Berry and Rich: Charlotte
Adam Contant: Paige
Will Becky Lynch get involved
Aaron, Adam Contant, Jeff: Yes
Adam Berry and Rich: No
Thoughts by Adam Berry: This match will just have a very sour taste to it after last week’s Monday Night Raw. It makes sense to keep the belt on Charlotte, and she needs to get over A LOT more. I’m just not sure now is the right time to put Paige in as Divas Champion despite the heat she has.
25 Years of the Undertaker at Survivor Series
The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family
Which two members of the Wyatt Family will wrestle in the match:
Aaron and Jeff: Luke Harper and Braun Stroman
Adam Contant, Adam Berry and Rich: Bray Wyatt and Braun Stroman
Aaron, Jeff and Rich: The Brothers of Destruction
Adam Contant an Adam Berry: The Wyatt Family
Thoughts by Jeff DeHaan: There were a lot of rumours surrounding this match in regards to who the “brothers” partners were going to be, if any. Personally I was expecting a 4 on 2 elimination match. Even with Taker and Kane going over it wouldn’t make the Wyatt Family look too weak because, quite simply, it’s Undertaker and Kane.  Taker and Kane could even it up eliminating Rowan and Stroman, then Kane could get eliminated leaving Undertaker to shine on his 25 anniversary. However, that’s not what’s happening, instead we get two members of the Wyatt Family chosen to face Kane and Undertaker. Regardless of who is chosen I expect all four of the Wyatts to get involved and when the dust clears the Brothers of Destruction will stand tall.

Five on Five Survivor Series Elimination Match
????? vs. ?????

Who will be on the first Survivor Series team
Aaron, Jeff and Rich: Team New Day: Big E, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Sheamus, King Barrett
Adam Contant: Team ShowDay: Big Show, Sheamus, King Barrett, New Day
Who will be on the second Survivor Series team
Aaron: Team Ryback: The Ryback, Neville, Cesaro and the Lucha Dragons
Adam Contant, Jeff and Rich: Team Cesaro: Cesaro, Neville, Usos, The Ryback
Who will survive
Aaron: New Day
Adam Contant and Rich: Cesaro
Jeff: Cesaro and The Ryback
Thoughts on a match you don’t know who will participate in by Aaron Wrotkowski: Talk about missed opportunities. Most of the writers have a similar mindset on who is going to participate, which makes this all the more disappointing. Why not build it up? We all seem to agree that The New Day is going to be in it, so why not have the New Day recruit two guys to dress like them and wear unicorn horns? You’re better than this, WWE. Or at least, I thought you were. For shame.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals
Roman Reigns/Alberto Del Rio vs. Kevin Owens/Dean Ambrose

Aaron: Kevin Owens/Dean Ambrose
Adam Contant, Jeff, Adam Berry and Rich: Roman Reigns/Alberto Del Rio
Will someone join The Authority
Aaron, Adam Contant, Jeff, Adam Berry and Rich: Yes
Thoughts by Rich Laconi: WWE has done a great job of building Roman up here. Reigns himself must be given credit for his string of good performances, however I believe that is why him turning will be the way this match ends much like Deadly Games in 1998.After turning down Triple H, the biggest surprise would be if did it all to turn on his friend in the finals. Ambrose is legitimately popular, with no sense that the fans will the machine is trying to produce a star, Ambrose simply shines as one. Reigns comes off as a heel in many aspects and seems uncomfortable as a face. A spectre however, does loom over this match in the form of Sheamus. If Roman doesn’t run heel, Sheamus will rear his ugly head as Triple H’s plan B.


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