Force India Finds a New Home in Mexico

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The Sahara Force India Formula One Team has a long history in Formula One with Midland, Spyker and Jordan all previous incarnations of the Silverstone based team. For the last couple of years, the now Anglo-Indian team had enjoyed the benefit of two home Grand Prix: Silverstone and India.

Although Silverstone will always be home to the team, the loss of British driver Paul di Resta at the end of 2013 dampened British interest with new signings Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg coming aboard. With Perez came a bundle of Mexican backers including Telcel and Claro, some of the largest companies in Mexico.

Mexico is also home to some of the biggest Formula One fans in the world and now with a race returning to the country this weekend, it is clear that Force India have now found a new home.

Force India Finds a New Home in Mexico

This weekend it has never been clearer that Sergio Perez is Mexican. With an influx of Mexican sponsors given prominence on the VJM08, the press group surrounding Perez has never been bigger.

Checo as he is affectionately known is now a home hero to Mexican F1 fans having secured podium finishes for Sauber and Force India as well as spending a year at McLaren and that is evident every time the Guadalajara born driver races through the baseball stadium sector of the track. The roars from the stands are enough to overpower the Mercedes engine that drives Perez.

Force India is a very well liked team but the buzz and energy surrounding them this weekend is different and there seems to be a real emphasis of the fact the team proves year in year out that they can compete with the best on a much smaller budget.

Aston Martin Talks

The buzz and energy coming from around the team might have something to do with the news that Vijay Mallya and the team are in advanced talks with Aston Martin to become Aston Martin Racing. Although this is relatively early days with their being no letter of intent from Aston Martin, Mallya has certainly been vocal with his hopes stating that he believes the Force India name has “done its job”. However this does put their young driver programme in danger which is currently supporting ‘the next Indian F1 driver’ Jehan Daruvala in his climb up the motorsport ladder.

If the deal were to come off, Aston Martin with the addition of Johnnie Walker as a prominent sponsor, plus the services of Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez with his Mexican backers could make for a top class team, run as well as the team is currently, but with the increased funding that Aston Martin would be able to inject.

Now that would certainly have Mexico’s blessing as well as the UK’s with Aston Martin’s British origins and above all, it would be a big positive for Formula One.

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