Alternatives to the Local Card Shop: Collector Revolution

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Collectors are always looking for good deals and places to find their next addition.  While many know where to look such as eBay, Wal-Mart, Target, and the local card shop, these places attract lots of collectors seeking the same or similar items.  While the popular watering hole may be familiar and comforting, it also gets crowded and someone is always drinking from it.

Here is the fourth of five alternative locations that might go under the radar and but could produce some helpful leads based on my personal experiences, research, and interviews with other collectors.

Part Four: Collector Revolution


The Good: Collector Revolution is a website that focuses on box breaks.  However, they also offer users to list and sell their own cards.  Their website is interesting as they give you what they refer to as a “showcase” which is basically a Facebook-type page for you to display your favorite cards.  Then you can also list your cards for sale elsewhere and another section to view their breaks.  Like eBay you can set a BIN price, a make an offer, and probably my favorite feature is the make a trade button, where you can offer to trade cards you have uploaded for sale or trade.  Additionally, if you get a hit in one of their box breaks, they will scan it to your profile for you before they send it in case you want to flip it or display it.  Should you not get a hit, they will offer a second chance raffle where they will take all the hitless members and randomize them for either a new break spot or a related hit (i.e. football break will be a football hit).  If you list your card for $4.99 or less and it sells Collector Rev will not take out any seller fees.  The rewards system is a nice touch as you get points for each dollar you spend which can be redeemed for break spots or store credit.

The Bad:  While they do offer anyone who makes an account a way to sell and list their cards, prices are usually high especially compared to similar websites.  Since the seller sets the price, we can’t blame Collector Rev but finding a steal may require some patience.  Collector Revolution seems do their breaks in blocks.  They may plan a few nights a week where they do several breaks instead of spreading that out.  The waiting time in between breaks and especially for the second chance raffles.

The Ugly: Collector Revolution seems to be very fond of baseball and football only.  While these are probably the most popular sports in terms of collecting, almost all the breaks they are exclusively baseball or football.  Since joining over a year ago, I have seen one hockey break on their site and basketball maybe comes once a month.  Additionally, when selling on Collector Rev listing is free. However, if you want your card featured on the home website in the changing ticker and to come up first in search results, you must pay $1 per card per month to keep it up.

Part Five: Thrift Shops and Antique Stores

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