Alternatives to the Local Card Shop: AP Boombox

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Collectors are always looking for good deals and places to find their next addition.  While many know where to look such as eBay, Wal-Mart, Target, and the local card shop, these places attract lots of collectors seeking the same or similar items.  While the popular watering hole may be familiar and comforting, it also gets crowded and someone is always drinking from it.

Here is the third of five alternative locations that might go under the radar and but could produce some helpful leads based on my personal experiences, research, and interviews with other collectors.

Part Three: AP BOOMBOX


The Good:  AP BoomBox is one of the best known breaking sites in the collecting community.  Run by Andrew Phillips, he is constantly offering breaks for all four sports and some of the most incredible cards I’ve ever seen have come from his boxes. While I believe Phillips has the magic touch for the boxes he orders, it is probably more or less due to the large quantity of breaks he does.  AP BOOMBOX offers what Phillips describes as a BOOMBOX and range in price from $50 to almost $300.  A BOOM is a hit or piece of memorabilia that is notable due to its rarity, the player, and/or attributes.    Inside these boxes are random assortment of cards or memorabilia as well as some amazing chase items from all sports and even politics (i.e. autographed items of presidents).  Such items include autographed cards, balls, bats, helmets, gloves, or some big names like Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Mike Trout, Joe Montana, and LeBron James to name a few.  To say you’d get your money’s worth of these boxes would be an understatement.  For anyone who likes a mystery and wants a high end piece to add to their collection, look no further.

The Bad:  Not many collectors have that kind of money to spend, especially on items where there is no guarantee of a certain team or player.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a BOOMBOX is a bad deal and not worth the money.  However, at almost $300 I could buy some players autos who are eluding me such as Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Carey Price, or Henrik Lundqvist and have some money left over.  While I could easily make my money back by reselling the contents of a BOOMBOX, I personally would rather get the player I collect than risk getting some booms of a player or sport I don’t collect.

The Ugly:  I really can’t find anything wrong with AP BOOMBOX other than two things.  The first and I’m being rather nitpicky is that the AP BOOMBOX website is rather basic in design and not the most user friendly.  Navigating on the website isn’t complicated but it’s also not the easiest site I’ve been on.   Please don’t let that discourage you from checking AP BOOMBOX.  Secondly, and probably the biggest issue I have, is that AP BOOMBOXES are so popular that they sellout quickly.  I have attempted to purchase break spots and some lower end BOOMBOXES but every time has been unsuccessful due to being full or sold out.  These are minor complaints and both really out of Phillips’ control.  Here’s to you, Andrew Phillips, for running one of the most successful sports cards and memorabilia websites in the country and living the dream.

Part Four: Collector Revolution

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