Fabber’s Believe It or Not, Facing Facts and Week 6 Fantasy

I was brushing my hair today and saw some of my hair on the sink. Now for years people I know in all aspects of my life have told me I am thinning but I never really believed them. It took me seeing the hair, taking a head selfie (yea I know I will get made fun of for that) and looking at pictures of me younger.

It is time to admit I am losing some hair. Know I do not have a comb over or anything yet but it is nowhere near as thick as it was. I guess it is part of the process of growing older and it is better than the alternative. I might start taking a vitamin and try to hang onto for as long as I can but I have to take action if I want it to change. If not it will be only time till my hair is defeated by time.

Fabber’s Believe It or Not, Facing Facts and Week 6 Fantasy

Why am I telling you about my hair you ask? Well it made me think about something we talk about something in fantasy all the time, facing facts.

A health teacher told me 15 years ago I would have a healthy body of hair for a long time and didn’t have to worry about hair loss. He was wrong I see and I have to admit the truth to myself. Just like you have to admit the fact that Jeremy Hill, CJ Anderson, Marshawn Lynch and so many more will not live up to the preseason ranking. They will fall short of expectations.

It is time to sell them, cut ties or bench. They will not come near the projections most set for them and that is just the facts. It could be that we project players that start five games at a high level and expect them to continue it the next year. Well it is not that easy and seems to not work very well this year. But it is not only younger guys dragging owners down. The old heads are doing their part as well. Lynch, LeSean McCoy, Calvin Johnson and the list goes on of older players not living up to numbers.

This year is unlike any other with how many early draft picks are turning in bust performances. It will change the way players draft next year for sure.

Being an owner is not always easy. This is one of those tough calls to make but it has to be made. The players you took in the early rounds might not be what you were looking for and it’s time to go with the players who are performing this year and can help you win now.

Face the facts and make the moves needed to have a chance.

Let’s look at the players that made the column this week but remember this is not start or sit. Ask those on twitter or facebook I answer daily. This is just some players I believe in this week and others not so much.
Good luck and thank you as always.



Sam Bradford, Eagles

The Giants give up over 18 fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks regularly. Well add the news of Prince Amukamara missing 3-4 weeks and that should go up by a couple points. This year you are focusing on stopping the run when playing the Eagles and making them pass. Chip Kelly is helping the matter by wanting to throw the ball more and more. This is a perfect recipe for Bradford to have his best game of the year.

Jay Cutler, Bears

Alshon Jeffrey should be returning to action this week and what a great week to do so. Jay Cutler made a great come-from-behind win last week and his hot streak should continue. The Lions give up over 18 points per game to opposing quarterbacks and will be focused on stopping Matt Forte.

Blake Bortles, Jags

He was a top five fantasy quarterback last week and was a great daily play. That didn’t change this week either. He has a great match-up and some more weapons getting into the grove. Look for Julius Thomas to have a better game and the other pieces to continue the upward trend.

Running Backs

Ronnie Hillman, Broncos

It is sad that he jumped CJ Anderson like he did but it’s the facts. He has a great match-up going against a Browns team that gives up the most fantasy points to opposing running backs in the entire NFL. If I had to pick one of the backs in Denver right now it’s this one.

Mark Ingram, Saints

Do not let last week fool you. He is still a stud and not a bench or sell candidate. He is involved in all aspects of the offense and should be in every line-up he is able for.

TJ Yeldon, Jags

I feel like I am really putting myself on the limb here but it is the truth. The Texans defense is this shaky and the Jags offensively are putting it together nicely. Yeldon has a great match-up and is top five in snap count for running backs. This means he is getting chances to perform and that’s all we can ask for right?!?!?!

Wide Receivers

Stefon Diggs, Vikings

Call me crazy but this guy should go from waiver wire to starting line-up and I mean now. The Vikings have been struggling with getting the receivers involved but that changed when he got his chance. He led the team in targets against a tough Denver defense. He also had six receptions and had over 85 yards. He should get more work against the worst fantasy defense for opposing receivers. If Wallace or Johnson is still out this guy could be huge for you.

Anquan Boldin, 49ers

It is not very often that a San Francisco player ends up in the believe section but today it happened. He is the safer receiver on the team. He has chemistry with Colin Kaepernick and runs the short routes. That is important because it makes the line have to protect for less time. It is a great match-up and opportunity for this player to get a good one this year.

Rueben Randle, Giants

Odell Beckham, Jr. is banged up and so is Rueben but he is the one that will be single covered by the Eagles defense that gives up over 29 points per game to opposing receivers. This is a great chance for this player to get back on track.

Tight Ends

Zach Ertz, Eagles

He is getting chances to put up some numbers and this game should be no different in that aspect. The injuries will force the Giants to try to cover him with a linebacker and that is not an easy task. Great match-up meets great opportunity and that all equals a good fantasy play.

Jordan Cameron, Dolphins

They have a great match-up with two weeks to prepare and the head coach was the tight end coach. We figure it will be more ground and pound as well as getting Cameron involved early and often against the Titans.

Richard Rodgers, Packers

More and more weapons are getting banged up but this player stays healthy. He also has a solid match-up this week with a team that gives up over 8 points to opposing tight-ends regularly.


Brandon McManus, Broncos

Robbie Gould, Bears

Matt Prater, Lions







Alex Smith, Chiefs

Some believe losing Jamaal Charles will help Smith’s fantasy value. Well I am not one of them. He will be the focal point now on defensive scouting report and that equals better plans to stop him. You might want to wait and see how life is without one of the best backs in the league.

Mike Vick, Steelers

Last week was an awesome game but do not get that confused with this week. He has a horrible match-up and they will run the ball as much as possible before they let him go.

Russell Wilson, Seahawks

A tough match-up and lack of weapons will keep this Seahawk grounded this Sunday. The Jimmy Graham situation has not peaked yet and Luke knows how to cover him from his days with the Saints. It is going to be a low scoring affair.

Running Backs

Jonathan Stewart, Panthers

He has yet to score a rushing touchdown this year. He is a little banged up still after the bye week and Cam Newton is taking all the red zone carries on himself. This went from bad to worse this week.

Alfred Morris, Redskins

Morris has the most carries without scoring a touchdown. He is in a committee of three and you never know who will get the ball the most. He is nearing the end of his time with this team and he is not the featured back anymore. If I needed one back from this team it would be Thompson this week, that’s how bad it is.

Frank Gore, Colts

He has been great since week two but this is not his week. The Colts will be behind early and often to the Patriots. They will need to throw the ball close to 50 times to have a chance and that doesn’t leave many chances for Gore to get going. A hard guy to sit but expectations should be way down.

Wide Receivers

Travis Benjamin, Browns

He is that big play guy but this defense he is facing does not give up those plays. He will have his biggest test yet and it will be a nightmare for anyone who plays him.

Keenen Allen, Chargers

The main target for Rivers but that will change with Gates back in the line-up. The Packers will limit him like they have to the main target of every other team they faced.

Brandin Cooks, Saints

He might be a buy low candidate next week but this week he is a heck no kind of play. Sure the Saints will have to throw to have a chance to beat the Falcons but they will take him out of the equation. They have done this same thing for most of the year. You will have to beat them with your other options.

Tight Ends

Heath Miller, Steelers

Vick is not looking his way like we thought he would as a starter. He also has one of the toughest match-ups this week for fantasy tight-ends. That combination leads to bad outings.

Jimmy Graham, Seahawks

Man I do not remember a time where this player made this list but here he is. This is not what he thought it would be and this week it only gets worse. I have more faith on him crying after the game over getting to ten fantasy points this week.

Larry Donnell, Giants

His stock will go up but this Eagle team is the third best defense when it comes to limiting tight ends. The trend will continue this week. I like Eli but he will not connect with this player much.


Travis Coons, Browns

Dan Carpenter, Bills (watch injuries could change this)

Dustin Hopkins, Redskins





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