MUST SEE: Dustin Brown Headbutts Logan Couture

We’ve seen headbutts in fights before. A player is clearly on the receiving end of a pummeling and in the heat of the battle, he lunges his head forward in order to cause damage. It’s dirty and it shouldn’t happen.

But what happen when a player uses his head as the primary source of contact for hit? Watch as Dustin Brown Headbutts Logan Couture.

During Wednesday night’s contest between the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings, Logan Couture was the victim of an open-ice hit that looked heavy and clean at first glance. However, as replays started to circulate, it was evident that Brown lunges the top of his head into the face of Couture.

A slow-motion replay was posted on Twitter, showing the result of the hit and the damage it may have caused.

Couture would be okay, but that doesn’t make this hit okay. The first thing you’ll notice is that the puck is already gone and Couture has his mind on the play. Brown, knowing Couture does not see him coming, continues his path to the hit and completes it. The primary source of contact is Couture’s face with Brown’s helmet and it’s apparent that he also left his feet to perform the hit.

Days removed from Raffi Torres being slapped with a half-season suspension, this hit should land Brown in some pretty hot water. While not as severe or pre-meditated as Torres’ hit, it’s exactly the type of contact the league wants to remove from the game. A lengthy suspension, one that is in the double digits, should send the message loud and clear.

Should Dustin Brown be suspended? If so, how many games should he receive? Let us know in the comments below.

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