GT4ABL: Guests From BBC, Copa90 and Beesotted Give an Inside Look

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Editors Note: As our regular readers know, Last Word on Sports is always looking for new and innovative ways to bring our readers the best in sports coverage.  Today we bring you a video podcast from our new podcast partners, Great Touch For A Big Lad, who cover all the goings on in the English Premier League.  Their show combines great sports content, knowledgeable hosts, surprise guests, and a bit of humour, all in an entertaining way.  Check it out, and come back often to see their latest stuff.

GT4ABL: Guests From BBC, Copa90 and Beesotted Give an Inside Look

It was guests galore on this week’s Great Touch For A Big Lad as we were joined on the phone by ‘The Hit’ presenter Mike Armagon, Copa 90’s Eli Mengem, and Beesotted’s Dave Lane.

First up Mike presenter of BBC Sports Rugby World Cup show ‘The Hit’ gave us his thoughts on Rugby, Football and Arsenal. Unless you’re a Chelsea fan, what came after that is not to be missed as Mike took on the challenge of “The One Minute Rant!”

Then, following the shock news that statistical Brentford departed with manager Marinus Dijkhuizen, we got the views of Dave Lane from the excellent Beesotted fanzine. Dave gave his insights and views on the state of affairs at Griffin Park, putting right a few rumours and easing Dom’s relegation fears along the way.

Finally, Eli Mengem joined us live on the phone. Eli, who has travelled the football world with Copa 90, took part in our brand new game “El YES or El NO!” Posed with all football’s key questions and armed with his love of fan culture, his battery lasted JUST long enough to give his opinion on derby days, Aussie Rugby and Lee Cattermole.

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