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2015 Italian Grand Prix Preview: Red Bull

As we arrive in Monza there is a lot of chatter about not Red Bull, but their power unit supplier Renault. It is looking evermore likely that the French marque is set to buyout the Lotus team. If this were to go through Red Bull will seem to be without an engine supplier, but as talks go over the Grand Prix weekend. How will the team fair?

Looking at how the Monza circuit is laid out, horsepower is king here. This is a commodity unfortunately Renault lack quite badly. On the plus side Daniel Ricciardo while carving his way through the field recorded the highest top speed of the race last year at 360kph (223.29mph).

Unfortunately this weekend both Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kyvat will receive ten place grid penalties for an engine change. This will mean a difficult weekend for them, but it certainly does not mean they are down and out, they will run the cars as low on downforce as possible to give them the best chances of overtaking.

Both Riccarido and Kyvat are yet to be officially confirmed for the 2016 season, but with the driver market in a bit of a stalemate, it is looking like it’s a mere formality for the team to make the announcement.

It won’t be the easiest race for Red Bull, but they won’t give up on trying to secure the best result. Keep tuned because there are always drama and surprises at Monza.

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