Interview with Harlequins Tim Sweil


Ahead of the new Premiership Rugby season, Harlequins Tim Sweil took the time to speak to Last Word on Sports

Hi Tim, you have joined Harlequins after a successful loan spell last year, has that made it easier to settle in at the club?

Yes, obviously I was new from October, but now I’m a regular in the squad which is quite nice. I knew all the guys, bar one or two of the new guys, but we’ve had time to get to know everyone through the preseason and I have settled in very nicely.

How do you think the World Cup will affect the squad with guys being away, in all Premiership teams?

At Harlequins this year we have a lot more depth, so with a few international players away that depth will obviously be tested. We do have some brilliant players playing for international teams now, we have the likes of Jamie Roberts playing for Wales and Tim Visser for Scotland, so our depth will be tested but I feel this year we stand in good stead with some good depth.

What are your personal goals for the season?

To learn a lot. Obviously through the preseason the new structures and all that sort of stuff with Harlequins and then when I’m playing on the field to give it my all to replicate the Harlequins brand, and to do so well.

Fellow fly half Ben Botica recently posted a video of you beating Marland Yarde in a sprint race how did he take it?

He didn’t really enjoy that, we put a bit of money on it so I’ve just cashed it in.

Is there a healthy competition between you and the other fly-halfs?

Yes from 1-15 everyone works on their own stuff and hopes to get the opportunity to play. The competition is very healthy, it’s not sinister or anything like that, and it’s all in a friendly manner. The guys have all really enjoyed the pre season. It is quite a young squad as some of the older guys have moved on. I feel there is quite a lot of energy and it’s going really well.

Which out of you and the other fly-halfs is best at the cross bar challenge?

We haven’t actually done that yet, so thanks for putting that into my mind. At the moment I’m running at full back and I’m looking forward to that hopefully I can get some opportunity there.

Who is going to win the World Cup?

Looking at the Six Nations and the Rugby Championship it’s going to be a really tough one, it’s going to be, on the day, who pitches up. Obviously with New Zealand just playing Australia in the Bledisloe Cup game, I’m going to have to go with New Zealand. On paper they are looking the best, but you never know.

Thank you Tim for your time and good luck for the new season

Player profile
Tim Sweil
Position: Fly-Half/Full Back
D.O.B: 04/06/93
Height: 1.8M
Weight: 90KG



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