Absolute Flanker 18 August – Tonga Rugby Interview

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Absolute Flanker is the Rugby radio show covering all things from around the world, from domestic and European club rugby to the Six Nations and the World Cup. Join Molly and Rob every week on Last Word Radio. Also follow us on twitter at @LWOSFlanker and like our Facebook Page for all the latest news and information about the show.

On this week’s show: Molly and Rob are joined by Tonga Internationals Nili Latu and Kurt Morath and Tonga Media Manager Kyle Willoughby, as they round up all the latest news from the world of rugby.

Absolute Flanker 18 August – Tonga Rugby Interview

Molly Smith is a sports addict who, when not in the gym, is either watching, writing or talking about rugby. Looking to expand her career within the sports media industry, she enjoys spreading the LWOS name to gain new interest in the website and radio shows. Having been able to attend various conferences, games and media events on behalf of LWOS, Molly hopes to long continue her work to bring readers and listeners new access into the world of rugby.

Robert Mitchell covers a range of sports for Lastwordonsports.com, including NFL, Rugby, Formula 1 and the Premier League. Author of the Co$t of Winning column focused on the business of sport he is also host of Last Word Radio’s Rugby show Absolute Flanker & an analyst on the Soccer show Sweet FA.


HONG KONG – APRIL 19:  Players of Tonga perform the haka at begining of the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy final match against Japan on April 19, 2014 in Hong Kong, Hong Kong.  (Photo by Victor Fraile/Getty Images)