What it Might Take for NASCAR’s Cup Series to Race on Dirt

The Camping World Trucks Series’ Mud Summer Classic at Eldora Speedway on Wednesday night was a huge hit around the NASCAR community.

Fans over social media marveled about how unique and exciting the event was, drivers and media members followed, and it was agreed to be very exciting.

Along with the race every year comes a few questions, “Could NASCAR add a second dirt race to the schedule?” Matt Weaver of Popular Speed wrote an interesting take from drivers about it on Wednesday.

What it Might Take for NASCAR’s Cup Series to Race on Dirt

Some fans even like it enough to prompt the question of the two bigger series racing on dirt. The answer to that is not out of the question, it is just buried in dust. So what would it take for NASCAR’s Cup series to race on dirt?

NASCAR normally likes to try things out before going head on into the flame, as evident with their competition cautions in races when it rains. That is rightfully so, it is good to be cautious at times.

That is why even if we stay at Eldora for the lone dirt race on the schedule, the Xfinity Series would get their race prior to NASCAR event thinking about giving the Cup Series a chance on dirt.

The reason I question staying at Eldora, is the fact at how many fans eat this racing up. If the Cup Series got a dirt race, the demand would be so great that there may not be a track in the world to fit the amount of fans that would want to attend.

As was brought up in Matt Weaver’s piece, Knoxville Raceway is definitely big enough, however the bigger question would be if the seating is enough to fill demands.

Husets Speedway is starting a big expansion project, if they would want to upgrade their seating it is possible that it can work too.

Bringing a dirt track to the higher ups is a tough task, and this proves it. Dominoes will have to fall and people will need to communicate, because it is so unique. Adding to the uniqueness, this time fans have put up their end of the bargain, now it is time for NASCAR to.

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