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Wilson Chandler Extension is Just the Beginning

Yesterday the Denver Nuggets announced that small forward Wilson Chandler had signed a new four year extension with the team.

Details on how much the deal is worth over the four year period have not yet been released, but this is an extension that Nuggets fans should be excited about. Wilson Chandler is a very good player, being one of the stronger defensive small forwards in the NBA, who could also shoot the three. Chandler is definitely a player the Nuggets will need if the team is to get back on the straight and narrow after what was an abysmal season, where the Nuggets finished with just 30 wins on the year.

Wilson Chandler had a good season last year, on a bad team. Chandler averaged 13.9 PPG and 6.1 Rebounds per game. Very solid numbers for a player who played a total of 78 games last season. Chandler has been a part of the Nuggets franchise for five seasons now, and continues to improve with age. A lot of roles on the Nuggets roster are unsure for next season; the likes of point guard Ty Lawson and forward Kenneth Faried just don’t know where they will be, come the start of the new season. Wilson Chandler will not have this problem.

Wilson Chandler has been a part of trade speculation in recent weeks, with the likes of Portland and both Los Angles teams interesting in Chandler, but with Nuggets demanding two first round picks for Wilson Chandler, a deal for the forward was looking unlikely. And now is dead in the water, as the Nuggets have locked Chandler up for the next four years.

The Nuggets are a team who nobody really knows which way they are going to go this season; I on the other hand have a good idea on what destiny lies for this team in the near future. Now it’s not like I’m saying that I’m clairvoyant James or anything. Just by looking at the Nuggets and their roster, I honestly believe this is a team with a very bright future. Let me explain why.

The Future…

Ok, now the Nuggets have a lot of what I and any NBA fan would call dead weight. They are currently carrying three players that they just need to get rid of. It sounds rough, but sadly, it’s true. First of all Ty Lawson, we all know he can play and will do well for another team in the NBA, but the guy is earning just shy of $12.5 Million a year. Way too much, so ship him for whatever you can get for him Denver and just move on. And I know what you’re probably saying, who’s going to play instead of Lawson? Well, in my opinion, the Denver Nuggets landed the steal of the draft in point guard Emmanuel Mudiay. The Congo born guard is only 19 and is obviously a rookie, but in my opinion is the future of the franchise. Mudiay has speed, plus the high altitude in Denver will just kill some guards in the NBA. I remember when Ty Lawson was in his prime, his speed was key to his success, and the Nuggets won 50+ games one season as well. Mudiay could take this Nuggets team back to the playoffs.

The next player and his situation is a lot simpler: small forward Danilo Gallinari. Where do I start? Doesn’t shoot consistently enough… Tick. Can’t stay healthy… Tick. Plain and simple cannot be relied upon… Tick, Tick, Tick. Gallinari earns just over $11.5 million a season. Way too much for a player who has only played 59 games last season, and none the season before. Danilo Gallinari is another talented player just like Lawson but just doesn’t show it enough. Miami are supposedly very interested in Gallinari, and if was the GM of the Nuggets I would bite their hand off, just too clear cap space. Getting anything for Gallinari would be a gift from the NBA gods for the Nuggets.

And finally, Kenneth Faried. What happened? That’s what I want to know, as “The Manimal” was one of my favorite players to watch.   Last year it wasn’t so much Manimal, but minimal effort from Faried, as his game took a major drop off. Faried is wanted by several teams due to his ridiculous athletic ability. The Nuggets have to cash in now. Kenneth Faried is 25 years of age; he doesn’t have many more years of bounce left in his legs, so if the Nuggets get either picks or players in return for Faried, I personally think that they will be better off.

Now, another question you may be asking as you read is who is going to replace these three as starters. Well, as I have already said, Mudiay is going to be special.  Gallinari will be replaced by giving Wilson Chandler more minutes and getting JJ Hickson more involved in the rotation. And the secret weapon for this Denver Nuggets team is a young kid by the name of Jusuf Nurkic. The 20 year old Nurkic will be a standout next season, and will easily make up for that lack of big guys, if or when, Kenneth Faried is to leave.

So, if you’re a Nuggets fan remember these three names… Emmanuel Mudiay, Wilson Chandler and Jusuf Nurkic. These three will be key to leading your beloved Nuggets back to the NBA Playoffs.


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