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Mexico v Guatemala Preview: Why Peralta is a Better Fit Than Chicharito for Mexico

Was anybody surprised on Thursday night? Did Mexico do anything that we didn’t expect? They dominated a Cuban team that were without six of their players, whom were attempting to flee the country. It’s possible they might have been distracted.

Everything went right for Mexico in that match. They owned time of possession and were effortlessly threatening in the final third. I found myself wondering aloud how they hadn’t scored 20 goals. Mexico, being the heavy favorites should expect to have a chance to win simply by dictating the flow of play through their expect passing. Guatemala will have to work very hard to get a result against them.

Thursday night’s game didn’t provide very much new information, but did give Marco Pappa and the rest of Guatemala a couple of things to think about before they clash tonight. They will need to play very tenacious defense, disrupt the chemistry of Mexico’s stellar passing attack, and keep track of Oribe Peralta’s movement.

  1. Guatemala will need to watch for Give and Gos

Thursday night the Cuban defenders and I, watched Mexico link up in the final third quite often with a series of give and go passing. This led to six goals, a ton of chances, and nice saves.

Guatemala will need to stick to their marking at all times, and force the Mexico to make long range shots.

  1. Chemistry and Talent

Carlos Vela, Giovani Dos Santos, and Andres Guardado played together like children on a school yard. Every pass, every trick, and every idea worked and left Cuba exposed, often.

If these three are able to combine all over the field, they will score a lot of goals. Each of them had a hand in one of Oribe Peralta’s hat trick, as well as scored.

  1. Mark Oribe Peralta

The man that took advantage of his team mate’s great passing in route to a hat trick (1, 2, and 3). Peralta has a knack for getting into good positions to finish off the wonderful service they provide, as well as tuck in spilled rebounds.

Guatemala will have their hands full trying to mark Peralta all over the pitch tonight, as the Guatemalan backline will generally find themselves trying to mind the runs of Dos Santos and Vela instead (when they aren’t running at defenders on the ball).

Because of Peralta’s movement off the ball and willingness to hold up play and allow the Dos Santos and Guardado to orchestrate the Mexican attack time and time again, he continues to prove that he’s the best option at forward for Mexico going forward instead of Chicharito Hernandez (injured or not).

Hernandez just doesn’t work as hard to hold up play, as Peralta does. His work ethnic allowed Mexico to easily open up Cuba, (Well that and their terrible defending).

Guatemala will have their hands full, but don’t take my word for it: just ask Cuba.

Photo by Matthew Ashton – AMA/Getty Images


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