Top Five Remaining NBA Free Agents

We are six days into the NBA free agency period, and these are the top five remaining NBA free agents. Now first of all, players like LeBron James and Marc Gasol are still technically available. But both are 99% guaranteed to stay in both Cleveland and Memphis. So even though they are both clearly the best two left on the board, they are not included on my list. My list is a lot more realistic. Here we go…

Enes Kanter – Power Forward/ Center

Enes Kanter was a star turn in the Thunder rotation after the big man was acquired on the trade deadline. Being 23 years old, Kanter has an intriguing situation this off-season. He averaged 15.5 PPG and 8.9 Rebounds per game. These are attractive numbers for many teams to be interested in. Especially if that player is only 23 years old. Kanter will be a great pick up for any team that manages to get him. The Thunder are currently favorites to land Enes Kanter, but other teams such as the Pacers and the Clippers may put an offer on the table to try and lure Kanter away. Don’t even be surprised to see Cleveland try and get Kanter. Interest is minor but with Cleveland you just never no. Kanter isn’t worth a max deal, but he is definitely worth a 4 year deal.

Josh Smith – Power Forward

An odd character, Josh Smith can either be a hero or a zero. Smith is probably one of the most inconsistent players in the NBA.  I know this isn’t a great advert for Smith, but with his athletic ability he might just be worth taking a risk on. Josh Smith may return to Houston, it would be a sensible thing to do, as Smith has moved around a little bit too much. Smith didn’t turn into a superstar in Atlanta, he just annoyed fans in Motor City and Rockets fan aren’t even sure they want him back. I really do think it would be smart if Smith returns to Houston and makes a career coming off the bench. Smith will most likely spend the rest of his NBA career taking 1 year deals of multiple teams. The guy just isn’t worth a long term deal anymore. But he sure can contribute to contending teams.

Jordan Hill – Center

The Lakers trading for Roy Hibbert was a deal I wasn’t expecting, and what it also means is that the team has moved on from former starting center Jordan Hill. Hill was a player who I always enjoyed watching. He could dunk, finish under the basket and shoot the mid-range shot very well for a big guy. He’s not exactly young but he is still worth a 3 year deal. Hill can offer a team a lot more than other centers. His ability to score from multiple positions on the court will add to his value. Personally I would have liked to see Hill stay in LA, but now another team will be making to most out of his talents. Teams who I believe will make a move are the Clippers, Thunder and Nets. These three teams could all do with adding another big man to their rosters.

J.R Smith – Shooting Guard

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot, that is what you get with J.R Smith, and as a lot of us NBA fans know, Smith can be either amazing or abysmal. Some fans can get tired of the continuous shooting. But others feed of J.R Smith’s infectious self confidence. J.R Smith will likely sign a 1 year deal with a contender. A couple days ago I would have said that LA would be the perfect destination for J.R. But after the Lakers signed fellow Shooting Guard Lou Williams, that potential move is now a dead end. But J.R Smith stills wants to win so maybe going to the Lakers is best for both parties, now a potential move for J.R Smith is still in LA, playing for the Clippers next year will be great for J.R Smith, and is probably his best chance of winning as well. Another potential destination for Smith is Portland, seeing as Damian Lillard is currently recreating his own version of the Home Alone movie in Portland, J.R Smith would be the perfect replacement for Wesley Matthews and would be a great back court partner for Lillard.

Kevin Seraphin – Center

This Frenchman could be a steal for any team that wants him. Seraphin is worth a mid-level deal and would be perfect for one team and one team only. My LA Lakers, they really need a big man, and Kevin Seraphin is that guy. Either starting or coming off the bench Seraphin is excellent around the rim. An experienced but still young player could shine on a center needy team in the Lakers. And despite the fact Roy Hibbert is due just under $16 Million. Seraphin is the better option in my opinion; he will produce more, play harder and will deserve more minutes on the court this season. You heard it here first Kevin Seraphin could become a star center in this league.