2015 NBA Mock Draft: Part Three

It’s NBA draft season, and the LWOS basketball team decided to do a consensus first round NBA mock draft this year. Contributors included Department Head Jack Moon Perrin, NBA writer Tanay Patri, NBA writer Ryan Timmerman, basketball editor Harrison Marcus, and myself. Each writer made their own mock draft that contributed to the department’s as a whole. I broke any ties between players using each writer’s mock. The series will run three separate articles, going ten picks at a time. This particular article will focus on picks 21-30.


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2015 NBA Mock Draft: Part Three

21st Overall — Dallas Mavericks
Tyus Jones – Duke University
Freshman — 6’1″ 185 lbs. — Point Guard

With Rajon Rondo on his way out of Dallas, the Mavericks will be looking for a new point guard to try and keep the championship window open in the Dirk-era. Mature for a freshman, Tyus Jones gives them that option. Jones knows his limitations, and won’t try to do what he cannot. He’s a great fit for a Dallas team looking for a distributor.


22nd Overall — Chicago Bulls
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson – University of Arizona
Sophomore — 6’7″ 210 lbs. — Forward

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is a defensive monster at either forward position. The Bulls should bring back Jimmy Butler, who is also a defensive stopper in this league. Pairing Hollis-Jefferson and Butler would be defensive lockdown, and with Pau Gasol getting older, it’s a move the Bulls should make.


23rd Overall — Portland Trail Blazers
Trey Lyles – University of Kentucky
Freshman — 6’10” 240 lbs. — Power Forward

Portland has a mini-crisis on their hands with star LaMarcus Aldridge. Aldridge is on the brink of leaving Portland as we speak, and the Trail Blazers need a plan. Trey Lyles can be that guy, especially this late in the draft. Lyles has shooting touch for a big man, and should become a good rebounder as well.


24th Overall — Cleveland Cavaliers
Justin Anderson – University of Virginia
Junior — 6’6″ 230 lbs. — Small Forward

Cleveland had a successful first season with LeBron James back, and will be back in contention next year. With James and Kyrie Irving drawing help every time they touch the ball, having guys to knock down threes will be in high demand. Justin Anderson is a 3-and-D guy that can hit those open threes and play defense on the other end.


25th Overall — Memphis Grizzlies
Rashad Vaughn – UNLV
Freshman — 6’5″ 200 lbs. — Shooting Guard

Rashad Vaughn is a bit of an inconsistent player at this point of his career, but he can score and has the potential to be a quality sixth man in this league. Memphis needs a guy that can shoot the ball and come off the bench to score. Vaughn can be that guy, although the Grizzlies will have to be patient with him.


26th Overall — San Antonio Spurs
Guillermo Hernangomez – Spain
International — 6’11” 250 lbs. — Center

San Antonio has been drafting international prospects and stashing them longer than anyone else, and they could be doing the same this year. Hernangomez is a guy that can grow into his skills in Spain, and could help the Spurs post-Duncan/Parker/Ginobili era.


27th Overall — Los Angeles Lakers
Delon Wright – University of Utah
Senior — 6’5″ 180 lbs. — Point Guard

The Lakers are looking for talent at this point in the draft, and Delon Wright is a great value pick at this point in the draft. He can operate the pick and roll and play defense. He needs to improve his shot, but at 27, the Lakers can’t pass him up.


28th Overall — Boston Celtics
Cedi Osman – Turkey
International — 6’8″ 215 lbs. — Small Forward

Cedi Osman is a heckuva passer from the small forward position and is a smart player. Boston has a lot of prospects at this point, and could let Osman develop if he stays overseas.


29th Overall — Brooklyn Nets
Jarell Martin – Louisiana State University
Sophomore — 6’9″ 240 lbs. — Power Forward

Jarell Martin is a power player, and while it looks like he is maxed out, he still has potential as he is only a sophomore. Martin could be a rebounding machine in the league. The Nets should take a chance on him and hope he is a foundation piece.


30th Overall — Golden State Warriors
Christian Wood – UNLV
Sophomore — 6’10” 215 lbs. — Forward

Christian Wood is a guy that has pretty high upside, but might struggle early. The Warriors will have patience, though, as they don’t have many needs at this point. Wood has power forward height, but is a wiry guy right now. Putting on some strength would help him.