LWOS Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks 05-20-15

All picks are based off the slate of games starting at 4:05 PM PT/ 7:05 PM ET and are selected from Fanduel.com.

Yes! It’s Hump Day ladies and gents and I’m probably going to look like Homer Simpson (doh!) with these fantasy baseball picks for the day. You know, I was thinking about what I wanted my introduction to be about when Jeffrey Loria dropped this gem into our laps on Monday and everybody kind of looked around (metaphorically) like really? Now that’s not to say new Marlins skipper Den Jennings doesn’t know baseball because he obviously does. He has spent over 30 years in the game from scouting all the way to being the general manager of the same team he will now be sitting in the dugout with. But according to this ESPN article and Baseball Reference, something like this hasn’t happened since Ted Turner in 1977.

And by *this* I mean someone hired to be manager of a Major League baseball team without ever playing any professional baseball or coaching any professional ball club. Some are saying it’s doomed to fail from the start while others say it’s a bold move but personally, I’m just not sure how you can quantify how much affect a manager has on every game. STOP! Before you scroll straight down to the comment section let me explain. Yes they set lineups, make necessary changes throughout the game, and provide leadership among many other things but it’s not like Jennings has never paid attention to how things are done in the dugout. It’s not like he isn’t going to have help by his side to guide him through any early troubles he has (Jennings personally requested Mike Goff as his bench coach). And it’s not like he isn’t a smart guy. This team has loads of talent and they are not going to start playing like an AAA team just because Jennings is now the skipper.

Let me be clear I’m not saying managers are not important or that people shouldn’t question this move. That’s a ludicrous statement. I just think alarm bells shouldn’t be ringing just because Jennings doesn’t fit the typical profile of a big league manager. So with that being said I wish Jennings and the Marlins good luck. As always this is my disclaimer stating I have no idea where I am, let alone what I’m talking about, the majority of the time I’m conscious. Enjoy!



Jake Odorizzi, Tampa Bay Rays, $8,800

Odorizzi has been a much needed force in the rotation, as Ray’s pitchers are hitting the DL faster than Usain Bolt’s forty time. He has displayed great command with a 1.35 BB/9 rate and is still missing bats and limiting contact, even if his K/9 rate is a whole strikeout lower than his career average.


Miguel Montero, Chicago Cubs, $3,100

Montero has been a top 10 catcher so far this season (.313/.430/.500 with 4 HR in 100 PA) and with Welington Castillo’s trade to Seattle, his playing time looks to be a lot more consistent. I like for him to take advantage against Tyson Ross and a defense that ranks near the bottom of the league.

First Base

Prince Fielder, Texas Rangers, $3,400

I had doubts that Fielder would be able to come back from his surgery and be dominant so quick but he has started his 2015 season off great slashing .344/.401/.497 with 5 HR. His peripherals point to a regression in the future but I’ll take him while he’s hot and I like the lefty-righty matchup against Joe Kelly.

Second Base

Logan Forsythe, Tampa Bay Rays, $2,600

Forsythe has been a solid piece for an injury riddled Ray’s team and though he is playing on a level unlike any in his young career and is likely to regress, His FB% is up and contact % is trending in the right direction. We could possibly be witnessing a breakout year.

Third Base

Josh Harrison, Pittsburgh Pirates, $3,100

Harrison’s overall numbers might not look so good but he is on fire hitting .387 in his last 7 games with 2 HR.  I like the matchup against Mike Pelfrey, who is walking (3.46 BB/9) almost as many batters as he is striking out (3.92 K/9).


Brandon Crawford, San Francisco Giants, $3,100

Crawford has made some massive leaps and bounds this season and while I really hope he could finish the season an ISO above .200, I highly doubt it will last. However, I’ll take the hot bat at the affordable price any day.


Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins, $4,500

Eat, hit homeruns, sleep, eat, hit homeruns, sleep. The life of Giancarlo Stanton.

Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants, $3,500

Pence is back! A favorite player of mine (I’m not even a Giants or an Astros fan), Pence has hit the ground running since his activation from the DL. Grab him while the price is still affordable.

Andre Either, Los Angeles Dodgers, $2,900

I can’t believe Either can be had at such a cheap price still (.316/.416/.558 with 5 HR through 113 PA), and with Yasiel Puig still on the DL, Either is a virtual lock to start against righties.

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