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Slow Corners and Fast Cars: Lotus Heads to Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix is, without question, the most famous race on the Formula 1 Circuit. Nowhere else is the magic that is F1 so strongly felt as in Monaco. The history of the track itself reads like a who’s who of the sport and it is the strongest desire of every driver to have their names immortalized with a victory by the sea.

Slow Corners and Fast Cars: Lotus Heads to Monaco

Lotus heads into the famed track after a tumultuous race in Barcelona. Romain Grosjean finished eighth, earning more points despite a rub with teammate Pastor Maldonado and experiencing some challenges with the handling of the car. Maldonado finished outside of the points but remained optimistic that it would not be long before both cars were bringing home points to Enstone.

Monaco may be just the race that proves Maldonado to be right. It is a race of tight, slow corners and fast cars barreling down narrow straights, the Mediterranean Sea glittering magnificently beside them. The E23, while proving itself to historically have problems with slow corners, has also proven itself to be a fast, capable car. There have been a couple of issues that have arisen with the car-including brakes and handling-yet Team Lotus feels confident they have addressed them and are ready for the famed race. Deputy Team Principal Federico Gastaldi said that “we know the guys will be fighting fit for Monaco.”

Grosjean also feels secure in where they stand for the race saying “Monaco is less engine dependent than most circuits which puts a premium on the driveability and set-up of the car. The E23 has been pretty confidence-inspiring which is something very good on a street course.” For Grosjean, this is as close as it comes to a home race and the driver feels a special connection to one of the oldest and most glamourous tracks on the circuit. Grosjean has said “It’s like an unofficial French Grand Prix… It’s great to see so much French support every year and there are so many flags and banners. It’s a very challenging circuit and unique on the calendar.”

Maldonado also feels confident in his car, saying that the testing and working over of the car has made a tremendous difference. In addition, Maldonado has expressed faith in the fact that his teammate, Grosjean has scored points in previous races, and his car is much the same as Grosjeans. Despite having mechanical troubles, Maldonado has managed to climb through the field and knock on the door of earning points.

As workers prepare the track, yachts are anchored securely in the Mediterranean Sea, and teams prepare for the arrival of cars, Team Lotus turns hopeful eyes to the most famous track in Formula 1 history. They arrive with two cars and two drivers that are filled with promise and hope, just waiting to be unleashed and claim their rightful places in Formula 1 history.


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