What next for Queen’s Park Rangers?

Queens Park Rangers is the second side to get relegated from the Premier League this season, but the only relegated side that may not even play in the Championship next season. Unlike Burnley, the other relegated side so far, QPR have spent a lot more money than allowed according to the Financial Fair Play rule. The rule states that clubs are not allowed to spend more money than the club makes within a year. Playing outside the Premier League means less income, and therefore the punishment will be even bigger for QPR.

The reason QPR may not even play in the Championship next season, is based on the presumption that the club may not accept paying the 58 million pound fine proposed by FFP. After all, other clubs breaching the rules have avoided a fine using simple financial methods. An example of this is Fulham. After their relegation from the Premier League last season, Fulham wrote off the losses from transfers that season, so that the losses would be counted the same season they played in the Premiership. The reason for that, is that the FFP rule allows for much bigger losses in the Premier League, than in the Championship.  QPR have not done the same, and therefore face a heavy fine. Based on QPR’s previous statements they do not think it is fair that they be made to pay, when others don’t due to simple financial tricks.

QPR have now started legal procedings, challenging the legality of the FFP rules imposed by the Football League. A joint statement from QPR and the Football League said:

“Legal proceedings are ongoing as between Queen’s Park Rangers and the Football League. QPR challenges the legality of the Football League’s Championship financial fair play rules and any charge against QPR (if any) for breach of FFP rules shall not be commenced pending the outcome of that challenge. The proceedings are confidential in nature and neither party is entitled to comment upon the proceedings until the independent arbitral panel has delivered its decision.”

Other than financial troubles, QPR need to start the process of weeding out the “rotten eggs”, as stated by Joey Barton. Although no names have been stated, it is probable to think that the players that have not gotten a lot of pitch time this season may have had a bad influence on the rest of the squad – the type of players you do not want in your team when you are fighting relegation. While this is not a new phenomenon at the club, it’s surprising to hear that this is still the case. Why was this not dealt with last season? Rumours then were that groups of players would not even use the same dressing room.

After figuring out which players are wanted to play for the club next season, chairman Tony Fernandes needs to figure out whether or not to stick with manager Chris Ramsey. Ramsey’s record since taking over is not impressive, but neither was Harry Redknapp’s. A positive for Ramsey though, is that the man seems willing to give the club’s youngsters a run at first team football. He may well accept the fact that QPR will probably not have the chance to spend money this summer. The focus will have to be to rebuild from within, get expensive players off the books, and basically start again. But before that, QPR have some legal challenges to overcome. Few can deny, if QPR were to be financially broken, it would be a great shame.

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