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Does Formula One Need More Equality?

Equalisation and parity are words not often associated with Formula One, this series is about who can develop the best car and pit it against the opponents who dare try to beat them.

Does Formula One Need More Equality?

Other racing series use specifically equalised parts, namely the chassis and ECU’s. Indycar, NASCAR, Renault World Series, GP3 and GP2 series all do this, but in terms of quality of racing. Does this improve their sport? Many would say that those series especially NASCAR and Indycar, the level of racing is exceptional.

But does Formula One in it’s current state need more parity between it’s teams on such an important level?

Formula One has always been about who can build the best car within the regulations and hire the best drivers to race them, but with such close racing that keeps the fans on the edge of their seats happening in other series. How long can Formula One dare to stay aware from more comprehensive parity to ensure close competition?

The Indycar series currently use chassis’ that are completely equal from Italian manufacturer Dallara, for the 2015 season the engine suppliers to Indycar Chevrolet and Honda were allowed to design aero kits to add to the chassis, Formula One could follow this road to keep engineering inginuity important stake in the sport.

If Formula One cannot agree to more parity, it faces a moral dilemma. If the series were to continue down it’s current path with it’s heavily restricted regulations, constricted development with low testing often means if one team has the upper hand at the start of the season it will carry that form for the season ahead, this often means heavy spending is made in R&D to try and catch up.

It’s other choice is to perhaps reopen up the regulations without going overboard, but under an FIA monitored cost cap, this will allow teams to follow a path of aero and engine choice that best suits them, keep the engineering heritage and inginuity that sport so highly values as well as the what the sport was originally designed to be.

To be the best of the best.


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