IFL Preview: Iowa vs Sioux Falls, Back to Back

Game Information
Matchup: Iowa @ Sioux Falls
Date: April 25
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Arena (Cap.): Denny Sanford Premier Center (12,000)
Kickoff: 7:05pm CT

Game Information
Matchup: Sioux Falls @ Iowa
Date: May 2
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Arena (Cap.): Wells Fargo Arena (16,110)
Kickoff: 7:05pm CT

IFL Preview: Iowa vs Sioux Falls, Back to Back

The Iowa Barnstormers will face the Indoor Football League’s premier team in back to back weeks starting this Saturday in Sioux Falls.

The Storm come into the game as the only undefeated team in the IFL, posing a 6-0 record. Their closest call came on week two when they traveled to Cedar Rapids and only beat the Titans by five, however that’s their only single digit loss. The team has also won the United Bowl four years in a row.

Iowa has been on the other end of the stick, entering with a 2-4 record, which is expected to improve over the last half of the season.

Keys to the Game(s)

Iowa will need QB Robbie Nallenweg to once again step up and continue to make plays. Nallenweg was solid in both of Iowa’s wins this season which largely contributed to it.

“We are preparing for [Sioux Falls] like we do every team,” Offensive lineman Ken Van Heule said. “Taking it day by day and focusing on what we need to do to win. Staying focused and working hard on and off the field.”

One thing that the Barnstormers have done well this season is make big hits on defense. If Iowa can silence the crowd with those hits, it will open up a door. Playing for big hits however, can result in Iowa missing deep passes due to coverage. Now, all this means is that the Barnstormers will need to find a balance between the two and they can pull this off.