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The Best NHL Teams of All Time

We at Last Word On Sports are always on the hunt for the most relevant, interesting infographics to give our regular readers. Today we present you a fantastic infographic prepared by Christyne Kavanagh and our friends at Tucker Hockey that discusses the History of Women’s Hockey.  The folks at Tucker have done a fantastic job in researching the topic, and presenting it in a fun, easy to read form.  If you want a bigger version of the graphic, just click on it to enlarge.  Hope you enjoy today’s look back at NHL History and the great dynasties of the game!

Christine Kavanaugh, who prepared the info graphic, had this to say, “ I regularly write about hockey and I produced
this info-graphic attached about the best NHL teams of all time. It was tough to pick the best teams and I had to make some tough
choices. I based it primarily on the teams that had won the most Stanley Cups, the Hall of Famers in each team, and the period of
dominance each team had. I found some interesting facts too about all the teams!”

The Best NHL Teams of All Time: The Infographic



We’d like to thank Christyne Kavanagh and her team for all the work they have put in. Its great to look at the history of the NHL and the dynasties that have dominated the league over the years.  As we prepare for this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, which are quickly approaching, we can ask the question, will we ever see another team that can rival these great clubs in the annals of history.

To see more from Christyne, and Tucker Hockey, you can check out their Calgary area based hockey school at and their programs for adults at


Main Photo via Getty Images/NHL Collection


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