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WWE Teams That Need A Reunion Tour

Last week on Raw Titus O’Neil and Darren Young seemed to reunite and once again become The Prime Time Players. Given this unexpected turn of events, I have looked at the WWE locker room and seen which WWE teams could re-unite if just for one night.

Team Rhodes Scholars

The duo parted ways nearly two years ago when Damien Sandow turned on his best friend in order to win the Money in the Bank briefcase. Cody and Damien then had a short rivalry, which included Cody throwing the case into the Gulf of Mexico before Damien unsuccessfully cashed in the case a few weeks later.

Both former members are now part of tag teams themselves, or rather on the outskirts of tag teams as Cody has become Stardust and is fighting his brother Goldust and Damien is now Mizdow and is The Miz’s personal assistant. A rivalry that is set to light up soon.

The two could benefit from re-aligning for one night, but it could be a problem given that Stardust is now heel and Damien is a rather big face, but it could still work out if the two wanted to re-ignite their friendship.

The Miz and Big Show

The Miz and Big Show are probably two superstars who have been misused a lot by WWE. Currently Miz is in an endless storyline with Mizdow with no ending known, whilst The Big Show is turning so fast nowadays that even he is unsure of his current allegiance.

That being said, both are currently heel and it could be interesting to see the two team up in the future, if just for a one off. The Miz could call in some reinforcements at some point and Big Show could lend a hand.

RVD and Kane

Probably one of the more far fetched on the list, because if RVD did make a return any time soon, it’s quite likely that he will return as a face.

Kane has been in an endless storyline with The Authority for the past few months and it seems there is no way out for him. A good way out could be for him to turn face and re-join his former partner.

The Shield

No one can write an article about tag teams without this trio playing a part, The Shield dominated WWE for almost two years and their break-up is still one of the biggest shocks in WWE history.

A reunion has been hinted at a few times by WWE and could be set to happen in the future, but not right now. The three former stable mates are heading in different directions, with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns looking likely to cross paths in their hunt for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

D-Generation X

Who can forget their reign of terror in WWE in 2006 when Triple H and Shawn Michaels re-formed the duo of Degeneration X.

Triple H is currently the power of WWE and Shawn Michaels has retired, but whilst he has hinted at a return for one last match, it’s unlikely DX would be able to return and work as a team if they have no one like Vince McMahon to go after.

Alicia Fox and Paige

Alicia and Paige joined forces last year, only for a few weeks and seemed like a team that had it all. The two seemed to compliment each other in and out of the ring and have since become stars of Total Divas together.

Since then Alicia has dropped down the roster and Paige has found the trail to the Divas Championship. But if Paige fails to defeat Nikki at Fastlane then maybe these two could team up and dominate once again.

Dolph Ziggler and Big E 

Big E and Dolph Ziggler were a team that looked to be formed from out of nowhere, the stable which included AJ Lee and was one of the things that made WWE watchable back in 2013.

When Dolph failed to pick up the World Title it seemed their partnership fell apart and AJ Lee and Big E went the opposite way to Dolph. Since then Dolph has become a part of a new tag team against The Authority and Big E has become a part of A New Day.

A reformation could be on the cards whilst both are still face, but for now it seems both are heading down separate paths.


Ryback and Curtis Axel were a team that for me were never pushed to their full capability. It seemed Ryback’s injury cut the pairing short and the two went their separate way in a backstage segment.

Ryback has become a main player in WWE since the split whilst Axel has disappeared lately. So the only one that would benefit from a reconciliation would be Axel, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen and they could capture the tag titles this time.

The Real Americans

Jack Swagger and Cesaro parted ways a while ago when Cesaro joined Paul Heyman and won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Swagger then disappeared after a decent feud with Rusev.

Cesaro has since become part of another tag team with Tyson Kidd, but much like Titus and Darren, Cesaro could decide that he prefers Swagger and leave Tyson when they fail to win Tag Titles.


Perhaps one of my favourite stables, a re-form may have made more sense when The Shield were at their strongest. But without Ted Dibiase it could be a problem.

There could be a place for another next generation superstar instead, perhaps Curtis Axel, or a long shot would be Kidd. This would be a great way to bring The Shield back and give them a competition worth reforming for.


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