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Sports Gossiping Confused with Sports Reporting

This is a plea to sports media outlets. Please, just report the sports and leave the drama to Social Media.

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Have you heard? Alex Rodriguez used PEDs. I know. I was astonished. Of course, that astonishment has worn off in the last few years since originally reported. What you may not know, and it is no wonder, is that the 2015 MLB season is about to be underway. Most media outlets aren’t reporting that. Most networks are opting to report about a 39-year-old who has not played more than 130 games since 2010 and can no longer get around on a good fastball.

The age old saying “if it bleeds it reads” has never been truer than in our current gossip queen society. The sad part is that the professionals, who unlike me receive compensation for their opinions, don’t seem to want to change the fashion in which our sports’ reporting is being conducted.

Quick, without looking, which two teams have the two best records in the NBA? I would be willing to guess most casual fans would not know both. But, I bet most of you have heard that Lebron James said something on twitter that was directed towards Kevin Love in a passive-aggressive way and Kevin Love, in a typical attempt to have sports media let it go, shrugged it off as nothing (that never works). The answer is of course perennial basketball power franchises: the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors. Yeah, I know madness. Go ahead, recite those ten starters. Or better yet, who coaches those two teams? Best of luck.

The college basketball season is winding down to the tournament, the NBA and NHL are in full force, the NFL draft is just around the corner and spring training is so close you can almost smell the glove oil and hear crack of the bat. Yet, ESPN thinks I care that A’mare Stoudamire takes red wine baths or that Josh Gordon shockingly failed another drug test while the Cleveland Browns brilliantly gave him (currently in rehab) media darling Johnny Manziel as a running mate. Who could have possibly seen that marriage ending poorly? The answer is every franchise in the NFL except the Cleveland Browns. Ok, and maybe the Raiders.

A little known player on a not great Big East team is suspended for two games for punching a guy and that is a story. However, the player that would have undoubtedly broken the NCAA Basketball all-time steals record, never mind being the point man for the most entertaining run and gun in the country, “The Havoc”, Briante Weber tore all the ligaments in his knee a few weeks ago received almost no run.

In a society where blasphemy and judgment are just a click away, I encourage the sports media to provide us with an escape from the politics and religion and overall drama that we already experience in our everyday lives. Sports are meant to be pure entertainment, competition and passion. We don’t need another source of negativity in our lives. We need sports.


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