2015 Fantasy Football Mock Draft Round 4

Three exciting sophomores fly off the board to start round 4 of the 2015 Fantasy Football Mock Draft. This is no surprise to the guy writing this piece. All three of these players showed play breaking abilities in only their first year on the field. The round was closed out with a run of reliable veteran players that should impact fantasy lineups immensely this year. Let’s get this Round 4 party started.

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With the first pick in the fourth round…

Mike Evans- A big, physical, specimen of a receiver; Mike Evans can really be a difference maker. With a sub-par offense and with less than sub-par quarterback play, Evans still shined in his rookie campaign. That goes to show that as the Bucs figure out their offense (they will likely start with drafting Jameis Winston out of Florida State with the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft) Mike Evans will have an increasingly prominent role and will be turning out fantasy points for years to come.

Coppola (Team 10)

Tre Mason- This kid was the last guy Zac Stacy (the promising young runner with great stats from 2013) wanted to see joining him at training camp. Mason is considerably smaller than Stacy and many thought he would take a back seat to him as the season started and went on. Tre Mason proved that he is not only a better all-around running back, but he can be a powerhouse in the middle when needed. The starting job is Mason’s to lose at this point. His talent should keep him there.

Pissari (Team 9)

Kelvin Benjamin- This guy was at the top of my list for rookie wide outs in 2014. Until OBJ came along and started wrecking the league, I seemed to be in line for geniusness. Benjamin still finished with great numbers. The fact that he has gone against Sherman one on one and beat him on multiple occasions speaks to his talent. His gargantuan frame and breakaway speed make this young gun a top flight choice for 2015.

Fabber (Team 8)

Joique Bell- Reggie Bush does not have what it takes to be a full time back. He did it for a couple years and looked good. You proved them wrong Reggie. Good job. Now move aside for Big Boy Bell to get some carries. Bell not only provides the proverbial POP that Reggie lacks, he is quite shifty for an avalanche of boulders rolling down a mountain. Bell proved in 2014 that he is good for more than 3 yards and a cloud of rubber pellets. Bush will likely stay injury prone which makes Bell a tasty breakout candidate for 2015.

Bowman (Team 7)

Alfred Morris- Alfred Morris keeps plodding along regardless of his terrible offense. Morris is in the right place. The system should be set to run through him. He is young, strong and talented. Unfortunately for Morris, the front office of the Redskins is as confusing as anything else in Washington D.C. I am a minority in saying I think RG3 is the answer here, and that the hiring of Jay Gruden was a mistake that should be rectified. Regardless, this offense should be running through the massive thighs of Alfred Morris. I am looking for a bounce back to 2013 form next year for Alfred Morris.

Wolf (Team 6)

Brandon Marshall- What a ride it was in 2014 for fantasy owners of Chicago Bears players, Marshall being the bumpiest trip due to his cost (high 2nd round value in most drafts). Let’s get one thing straight, Jay Cutler is not a good NFL quarterback. Let’s get another thing straight, Jay Cutler can produce a lot of fantasy points in an offense. I know, it is confusing and depressing. Marshall just happens to be Jay Cutler’s homeboy. If Cutler is to find any success again, it will go through the hands of Brandon Marshall. This is a potential steal.

Nick (Team 5)

Mark Ingram- Ingram is one of the more intriguing free-agents this year. He has been somewhat disappointing for the Saints that used a first round pick on him. Some of that is from injury, some from an offense not built to hammer the rock. Mark Ingram was one of the only bright spots the Saints had last year. Since the Saints offense is constructed for passing and the defense needs help, Ingram could end up going to a team that is willing to run 25-30 times a game. If that is the case, Ingram has top 5 RB potential.

Mike (Team 4)

Desean Jackson- Desean Jackson is the fantasy football equivalent to being bipolar. 30 points! 2 points…. 25 points! 0 POINTS! 10 points? It can be very confusing times. That is not to say he does not have high value. I made reference once to having a guy on your fantasy roster who can put 15 points on the board in one play. That DEFINES Desean Jackson. Only problem is if he does not have a 80-95 yard TD pass, he will likely score under 5 points for the week.

Coach (Team 3)

Emmanuel Sanders- I hate to keep bragging (Well, no, I don’t) but this guy was on every relevant fantasy team I had in 2014. He delivered as I projected he would (better actually) through most of 2014. Peyton Manning’s Injury at the end of the year vastly affected him connecting with Sanders, under- and over-throwing him time and time again. Manning will be back healthy in 2015. I was SO hoping this guy would fall one more pick.

Casey (Team 2)

Julian Edelman- Edelman proved he is more than a replacement for Wes Welker, by helping the Patriots attain what Welker never could, a Championship. His performance in the Super Bowl was awesome, and I have a feeling it showed Tom Brady that Edelman is to be his main man from now on. The fact that this draft is PPR is what makes this pick so valuable. Edelman catches a lot of short out patterns that are minimal in standard scoring but incredibly valuable for PPR.

Eric (Team 1)

That wraps up round 4 of our LWOS Fantasy Football Mock Draft. We are working through the rest and round 5 will be here soon. After 5 rounds, there will be a piece showing our teams and some opinionated standpoints of how we are each doing so far. On to round 5!

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