GT4ABL #57 Jozy out the door, Ginola in the door and Dowd can’t run anymore

Editors Note: As our regular readers know, Last Word on Sports is always looking for new and innovative ways to bring our readers the best in sports coverage.  Today we bring you a video podcast from our new podcast partners, Great Touch For A Big Lad, who cover all the goings on in the English Premier League.  Their show combines great sports content, knowledgeable hosts, surprise guests, and a bit of humour, all in an entertaining way.  Check it out, and come back often to see their latest stuff.

This week on the ‘Great Touch For A Big Lad’ podcast:

In our weekend round up we discuss the plight of Stoke City, Brentford, Chelsea, Swansea, QPR, Manchester United, Raheem Sterling and referee Phil Dowd’s lack of fitness.

Would you miss your own wedding to go to the FA Cup final if it was booked on the same day? probably, yeah, so would we!

Are deaf-erees the future?

We say goodbye to the man the myth the nightmare that is Jozy Altidore and analyse Jozy’s explaination for his woeful Sunderland record.

Dom and James visit confession to own up to their footballing sins.

David Ginola is he worth our attention? Is he a realistic candidate for the FIFA presidency? or is it jus one big publicity stunt?

What is the recipe for success? Dom explains the secret ingredients to the perfect team.

All that and much much more, in this week ‘Great Touch For A Big Lad’ , The best in football nonsense.


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