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Fernando Torres’ Unexpected Return

Atletico Madrid’s most recent acquisition, their forward, commonly known to his Spanish supporters as “El Nino” and to his English supporters as “The Kid” while to the rest of the world, as himself, Fernando Jose Torres Sanz. The unexpected return of Torres to his former club is one that had not been predicted by any. He desperately tried last season to blend in to Milan’s style of playing football, however, he just could not find his rhythm. His tactics and style of football just could not be integrated into the eleven man Milan team. He was often frustrated while playing, looked defeated or merely looked lost to his vociferous partisans who often came out to see him in full gear. Serie A cohorts started to doubt his talents and the Milan management wondered if they had made a mistake. His fans started seeing less and less of him on the pitch. He gradually became a proud bench captain or there were wild rumors that he was injured, which wasn’t always the case, allegedly.

By the end of the season, the speculations were endless. Was he going back to Chelsea? Will he be at Milan for another season ? However, the well vocal Jose Mourinho made it clear that The Kid will not be with The Blues for the upcoming season. People began talking, assuming, laughing. He was trolled for almost one month, as he became the laughter of the season, by being called ‘The Unwanted Torres’.

But he was not to be discarded with so easily, as Diego Simeone came like a thief in the night and took him out of his miseries. He is currently on loan from the Italian giants, Milan where he has began training and is now Atletico Madrid’s fast flowing number 19. I presume he will be up in the front with the other forwards, like Mario Mandzukic and Raul Jimenez. This will not be any form of challenge for Torres as he is accustomed to Atletico’s style of football. We all would love to see Torres as we know him, the football beast, as if he never failed for Chelsea. We all know him to play fast-flowing, attacking football and he never fails to deliver. He has some wonderful goals, sadly to say, he only got one for Milan. On the other hand, it is not to be forgotten that he had started off his football career with Atletico Madrid from the days of his youth. He has 75 goals for Atletico along with 174 La Liga appearances, and he was also a Second Division player for the Spanish club, for which he has seven goals to show for that.

So the big question is there, yet to be answered. Will Fernando Torres return ? It will be answered over the course of the season and can only be proven by one individual. Will he make a magnificent come back? Will he prove himself worthy of another chance at Atletico Madrid? Will his fans be proud of him once more? Hopefully, he will not let them down and play to the best of his ability and excel as a forward for Atletico Madrid, the team that made him as a player.

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