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2015 NFL Draft Big Board – October

I’ll be the first to say that I do not exactly know what to make of Brett Hundley yet. Last year he had some issues with holding onto the ball too long while other times taking off too soon and not going through his progressions. In addition, his accuracy could be streaky at times. These weaknesses reared their ugly head early this year. However, against Arizona State he showed a marked improvement in these areas. He seemed to poised in the pocket and showed superb accuracy. However, he was not as good as the box score may suggest as he got a lot of help from his receivers where they got a ton of yards after the catch. Hundley has always had a big arm and has superb strength along with the mobility to extend plays. This huge talent makes these inconsistencies only more vexing. Who is the real Brett Hundley? Only the rest of the season will answer that story.

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2015 NFL Draft Big Board – October

1. Todd Gurley/HB/Georgia

He’s finally getting the national attention he deserves after his performance against Clemson. He truly has a rare combination of size and athleticism combined with the refusal to go down on first contact. He’s a once in a generation talent. Will he able to avoid injury for the entire season?

2. Amari Cooper/WR/Alabama

While he has very good overall athleticism, he does not possess elite physical tools. However, he runs great routes that allow him to gain separation. He excels against top competition such as his domination of the Sooners last year. Will he continue to dominate every game?

3. Randy Gregory/OLB/Nebraska

Similar to last year, he is off to another slow start. This year it is due to having minor knee surgery during fall camp. However, he’s an elite talent that should once again terrorize Big Ten offensive tackles this season. Will he take his greatness to the next level this year?

4. Connor Cook/QB/Michigan State

He’s shown greatly improved decision making along with a more consistent deep ball this year. He’s got big time arm talent along with being very mobile. Most importantly, he simply has “it.” Will he be able to be highly productive for the entire season?

5. Andrus Peat/OT/Stanford

Textbook technique along with nimble feet make him a great fit protecting the blindside. However, he also possesses an elite football IQ as well as infrequently missing assignments. Will he be able to improve his ability to move people as a run blocker?

6. Leonard Williams/DT/USC

At USC he started at defensive tackle in 2012 while starting at defensive end the last two years. However, he projects better inside in the NFL where he could be a defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense or a defensive end in a 3-4 defense. Will he be able to make more impact plays this year?

7. Leonard Floyd/OLB/Georgia

Despite what his listed height and weight would suggest, he has an extremely long frame. Add in a rare first step and it is obvious why he is the prototype for a 3-4 outside linebacker. However, this year he seems to have greatly refined his pass rush repertoire. Will he be consistent all year?

8. Stefon Diggs/WR/Maryland

Unfortunately, subpar quarterback play greatly limits his ability to produce. Nonetheless, when he does get an opportunity he makes the most of his opportunities. Rare speed and agility make him a matchup nightmare for defenses. Will he be able to get enough opportunities to prove his talent?

9. Derron Smith/S/Fresno State

Fresno State is not exactly USC but they do produce NFL talent. This is probably the primary reason he is the most underrated prospect in the country. He’s got elite instincts that is a ballhawk and a force in run support. Can he continue to refine his game to become great in the NFL?

10. Marcus Peters/CB/Washington

​Silky smooth hips and superb overall athleticism make this Huskies product the prototypical cover cornerback. Battle tested while seeming to save his best for the biggest games show that he is not just a workout warrior. Will he continue to refine his game to become a great cornerback?

11. La’el Collins/OG/LSU

Even though he plays left tackle at LSU, his best fit at the NFL level will be at offensive guard. Overall, he’s a good pass blocker but has some issues with athletic pass rushers on speed rushes so this will be negated inside. Will he be able to make the transition to offensive guard in the NFL?

​12. Melvin Gordon/HB/Wisconsin

This is a player that could move up a lot if he is able to show that he can carry the load while remaining healthy all year. A big play waiting to happen, he completely dominated LSU for the first half until getting hurt. Can he carry the load for an entire year yet still be a home run hitter?

13. Donovan Smith/OT/Penn State

Although he may not be very highly regarded that should change a lot this year. No player was more successful against Randy Gregory last year. In fact, he actually probably slightly won the battle. Will he improve his leverage enough so his technique is on par with his exceptional feet?

14. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu/CB/Oregon

Many top cover cornerbacks are afraid to stick their nose in there on running plays but that does not apply here. He is extremely physical and active along with sitting in receivers’ back pocket on passing plays. Does he have the size to handle bigger receivers in the NFL?

15. A.J. Cann/OG/South Carolina

Not only does he have outstanding feet but he is extremely technically sound. He rarely misses an assignment. With his complete package he has to be seen as an extremely safe prospect with a high floor and ceiling. Can he improve his drive blocking enough to become dominant?

16. Kevin White/WR/West Virginia

There’s no doubting his physical tools. He’s oozing with talent. In fact, I’m very tempted to rank him much higher. However, I think I will take a wait and see approach to see if he can keep this up for more than a few weeks. Is he really this good?

17. Danny Shelton/DT/Washington

He seems to improved getting off blocks from last year. However, he is still not the terror in an opponent’s backfield that his stats might suggest. Will he be able to consistently get off blocks quickly against top competition?

18. Vic Beasley/OLB/Clemson

There are definitely concerns about his lack of ideal size but there is no denying his production or athleticism. He’s got speed to kill. In fact, he looks more like a big wide receiver coming off the edge than a defensive end. Will he be able to hold up at outside linebacker in the NFL?

19. Ramik Wilson/ILB/Georgia

Earlier he was demoted to the second team after suffering a concussion in fall camp that seemed to affect his play. However, he seems fine now. He is so athletic that was even able to stay with a wide receiver against Clemson. Can he take the next step and become dominant in the middle?

20. Jay Ajayi/HB/Boise State

​Some minor character concerns combined with not getting much national attention make him an unknown to much of the scouting community. This is unfortunate because he is a violent runner that also has breakaway speed. Does he have the maturity to succeed in the NFL?

​21. Brett Hundley/QB/UCLA

It’s hard to know what to make of Hundley. There’s no doubting his huge arm or his ability to extend plays with his combination of agility and strength. He must be more consistent though with accuracy and his inner time clock. Has he truly improved from last year?

22. Ty Montgomery/WR/Stanford

Many people don’t know about him since he plays on a team that likes to play smash mouth football. They are missing out though. He’s got speed to burn and is absolutely lethal with the ball in his hands. He only lacks concentration catching. Can he be more consistent catching the ball?

23. Everett Golson/QB/Notre Dame

People are already quick to point out that he’s too “small” but do I really need to debunk that myth? He’s got a big time arm to go with rare improvisation skills. Against Michigan, I needed more than one hand to count the number of special plays he made. Can he do it all season?

24. Christian Covington/DT/Rice

With his explosive first step, he wreaks havoc in opponent’s backfields. His impressive hand usage allows him to shed blockers quickly to make plays as a run stopper and get after the quarterback as a pass rusher. Can he continue to improve at the point of attack as a run stopper?

25. Zach Hodges/OLB/Harvard

A guy from Harvard on my Big Board? I’m much higher on him than others but he’s just special. He’s long and extremely explosive. He’s got a motor that never quits. He is a tad light but he has the frame to bulk up. Will he have trouble adjusting to a much higher level of competition?

26. P.J. Williams/CB/Florida State

This is his year to show that he can be a top cover corner. He probably will not get as many opportunities to showcase himself against top competition as some of the other top cornerbacks will so he will have to make the most of them. Will he be able to take the next step in his game?

27. Tyler Kroft/TE/Rutgers

Many people seem to be sleeping on him since he plays for Rutgers. It also doesn’t help that his opportunities are affected by poor quarterback play. However, he’s still a big talent, especially after the catch. Will he be given enough opportunities to show what he is capable of doing?

28. Cedric Ogbuehi/OT/Texas A&M

Athletically and physically he has everything you look for in a franchise left tackle. This will be his first year starting at left tackle after moving over from the left side. For now he is living more on potential than polish. Will he improve his hand usage enough to take the next step?

29. Brandon Scherff/OT/Iowa

Hands down he is the best run blocker in this draft class. A matchup against Randy Gregory and Nebraska this year will be very telling whether he is a better fit at right tackle or left tackle in the NFL. Can he improve his dropping into pass sets enough to prove he belongs on the left side?  

30. Sammie Coates/WR/Auburn

He’s an athletic freak that is given very few opportunities due to an offense that primarily runs the ball. There is a bit of projection with him due to the nature of Auburn’s offense. However, he is very opportunistic. Will he be given enough opportunities to prove he can be an elite receiver?

​31. Kyler Fackrell/OLB/Utah State

Physically he’s everything a team wants in a 3-4 outside linebacker or a strong side linebacker in a 4-3 defense. He’s also a big playmaker that merely needs to refine his skills and play with more discipline. Will his production match his talent this year?

32. Mike Davis/HB/South Carolina

​In an SEC Conference loaded with talent in the backfield he often gets lost in the shuffle. That’s a big mistake because he’s a workhorse that has very underrated athletic ability. He’s not as flashy as the other top tailbacks but he’s effective. Does he have ceiling to continue to improve?


Missed the Cut:

​Rashad Greene/WR/Florida State

Cameron Erving/OT/Florida State

​Tyler Lockett/WR/Kansas State

Landon Collins/S/Alabama

​Gabe Wright/DT/Auburn

​Prospect on the Rise:  Brett Hundley/QB/UCLA

Prospect on the Decline:  Cameron Erving/OT/Florida State


Main Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images


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