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LWOS – Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings 55-51

fantasy sportsWelcome to the LWOS Fantasy Department’s Official Fantasy Football Rankings. We will release our rankings and player profiles over the next few weeks to get you prepared for your 2014 fantasy football draft. Everyday we will be releasing either a group of player profiles with their rankings or articles that will provide you with outstanding fantasy advice. Take a second to bookmark the site so you can check back daily.  Follow our departments twitter account @lwosfantasy for info, updates, and advice. We are going to work hard for you, to make sure you get to have the Last Word on Your Fantasy League. Click here for all our fantasy articles and rankings. Today we have fantasy wide receiver rankings 55-51.


Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings 55-51

#55 Greg Jennings

Year Age Team G REC Yards TD Tar Fum Fum lost
2011 27 GB 13 67 949 9 101 0 0
2012 28 GB 8 36 366 4 62 0 0
2013 29 Min 15 68 804 4 105 0 0

The NFL veteran had himself a strong season last year in Minnesota, grabbing 804 yards on the year.  It’s still a mystery on who will be the Vikings starting QB this season, but both are solid in the pocket and can hit Jennings extensively.  Jennings is a very consistent catch and will be a solid receiver for any fantasy team.

Connor Ferguson – @cfchangs9

#54 Jarret Boykin

Year Age Team G REC Yards TD Tar Fum Fum lost
2012 22 GB 10 5 27 0 6 0 0
2013 23 GB 16 49 681 3 83 0 0

The door opened for Boykin last year with injuries to the Green Bay WR corps. He put his foot in it and now with the James Jones off to Oakland he has squeezed into the room.  However, I warn that he is still not out of danger as the Packers drafted Davante Adams in the second round.  If he can hold onto the #3 WR spot, he has a chance to put up good numbers. Watch the preseason position battle and if Boykin holds his spot he is a capable backup WR.

Chuck Amspacher – @Captain_LWOS

#53 Danny Amendola

Year Age Team G REC Yards TD Tar Fum Fum lost
2011 25 StL 1 5 45 0 6 1 0
2012 26 StL 11 63 666 3 101 3 2
2013 27 NE 12 54 633 2 83 0 0

There is a phrase my high school basketball coach used a lot: it was “if ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts we would all have a merry Christmas.” This is the best way to describe this player. If he can stay healthy, because he has missed over 25% of games since he has entered the NFL. If he finds a place in a crowded receiving core for the New England Patriots will be a big if. Oh yeah, and if he can find the end zone more than two times like he did a year ago. But if he can do all these things he might be in store for a breakout year like we all thought he was last year. Like I was saying at the beginning, there are a lot of ifs and buts. I guess we will see what kind of Christmas his owners will have!

Mike Fabber – @Coach_Mikefx


#52 Rueben Randle

Year Age Team G REC Yards TD Tar Fum Fum lost
2012 21 NYG 16 19 298 3 32 1 0
2013 22 NYG 16 41 611 6 79 3 1

With Hakeem Nicks removed from the Big Blue and Odell Beckham Jr. troubled with hamstring issues, third year receiver Rueben Randle is in a prime position to run away with WR2 duties. One of the toughest jobs that a WR is called to do is to come across the middle, and Randle does this with ease. He can slip through and juke defenders to tack on extra yardage beyond the catch. Generally the third year is when receivers become breakout candidates and Randle has the toughness and tenacity to fit that mold; just ask the Eagles when they come to visit the Meadowlands (2 TD every year). What holds him back is his reception to target ratio. In 2013, he was targeted 80 times, but only reeled in 41 of them. Whether or not Eli Manning is to blame, this ratio needs to change in order to see Randle’s name on draft day.

Casey Bowman – @LWOSCaseyBow

#51 Doug Baldwin

Year Age Team G REC Yards TD Tar Fum Fum lost
2011 22 Sea 16 51 788 4 87 0 0
2012 23 Sea 14 29 366 3 50 0 0
2013 24 Sea 16 50 778 5 73 0 0

Baldwin has been a pleasant surprise in the NFL since joining the defending Champs as an UDFA out of Stanford three seasons ago. The Seahawks have drafted and/or brought in free agents every year since to take his starting slot, but none of them has been able to keep #89 off the field. Baldwin went for double-digit points in four of the last eight weeks of the season, good enough to be a solid #2 WR during those weeks. Greatest strength: Seahawks best vertical threat last season, leading the team in vertical targets (32). Biggest weakness:  Seattle is still a run-first, ball-control offense, to enable that nasty defense to take over games. His opportunities will not be as frequent as they would be in a different offensive system.

Donald King – @dbking65


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