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Alexander Rossi Replaced Amidst Caterham Cutbacks

New team manager Collin Kolles (former HRT) warned of cutbacks for both the F1 team and its other ventures including their Gp2 team which sees Rio Harryanto and Alexander Rossi race for them. American born Rossi has participated in Gp2 for the Caterham backed team since 2011 and has participated in selected practice sessions for the F1 team for the past two years.

However, now it seems Rossi’s association with the green team has been cut in a factory wide sacking by the team’s new owners in an effort to improve performance. Rossi’s sacking comes as a definite shock, but with not much sponsorship backing, in hindsight it was coming. With the 22 year old taking to twitter, he mentioned he would be announcing plans soon. Its difficult to see where he could go next, but the obvious link would be to join the American F1 entry for 2016 created by Nascar team owner Gene Haas. We will just have to wait and see. One thing’s for sure is that America’s relentless effort to conquer this major European series has faced yet another set back.

Americans in F1

It’s no secret Bernie Ecclestone would love an American F1 driver, but ever since Scott Speeds’s sacking in 2007 under mysterious circumstances, there hasn’t been one. It’s been a case of close but no cigar. It was looking on the up for our friends over the pond with the entry of a new team- USF1- with two new American drivers, plus Scott Speed driving for Toro Rosso. However, the team folded and well, Scott couldn’t really live up to his surname.

However, the Americans are desperately trying to infiltrate this top racing series. In 2012, the first Grand Prix in America was held since Indianapolis in Texas. Quite a circuit it turned out to be with it producing some magnificent racing. As well as this, New Jersey was also to hold a race but after countless funding problems and being axed from the 2012, 2013 and 2014 F1 calendars after having provisionally been confirmed, it doesn’t look good.

America’s hopes currently lie on that of Alexander Rossi, but after todays news, their hopes turn to Conor Daly, son of former F1 driver Derek Daly.

Also 22, last year he raced in GP2 for the first time for only one race and scored points. He then went back to GP3 for the rest of 2013 and was a championship contender. As well as this he even found time to race in the Indylights series, competed in the historical Indy 500, won India’s MRF challenge race and performed numerous straight line tests for the Force India F1 team. I suppose the underlying problem is that American companies are not willing to sponsor young prospects for fear of not getting their money’s worth and the fact that Indycar is more their sport. As a result, Rossi and Daly’s backing is severely lacking in contrast to a lot of other drivers and a good reputation is almost worthless nowadays.

At least it looks like Daly has a chance in Indycar and F1 with his Gp2 season going reasonably well and even has a chance to drive in the  new open wheel series Formula E. Alex Rossi was so close but how he’s going to make the next big step up is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately, as much as I and I’m sure a lot of other people would like to see these two end up in F1 one day, it looks doubtful.

No money, do deal. Sorry, America.

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