The Future of LeBron James

So being the great sports analyst that I am, I have done a lot of digging (in my head) and after hours of painstaking phone calls (to myself), research (not really) and water cooler talk (about the Olympics), I have found out what team LeBron James will be playing for next season.

Before I divulge this Top Secret information, allow me to point out what might already be fairly obvious: I talk about LeBron James A LOT! If you’ve followed my writing at Last Word On Sports you’ve probably noticed the trend. I don’t know if it’s a man crush, jealousy, hatred on the largest scale or all of the above but there is something between King James and I. But I digress.

The Future of LeBron James

The Teams James Should Go To

So before I expose James’ destination, lets talk where he should go – because we all know that he doesn’t always do what he SHOULD do.

Los Angeles Lakers – We already know that James would prefer to go to an All-Star team than build a team himself. So the Lakers would be that team, if you can call them an All-Star team anymore. The main reason they are on this list is because of Kobe, and if anyone can get what they want it’s the Black Mamba.

Los Angeles Clippers – While slightly more likely than the Lakers, it’s still very unlikely. James doesn’t seem to want to go to LA, even though the Clips have Griffin, Chris Paul and the super talented Doc Rivers at the helm. The Clippers franchise has only made the playoffs six times in its 35-year history. Maybe James can be the King of LA. Did you hear that? It was the sound of Magic Johnson giggling.

Houston Rockets – Is there really a better fit than the Rockets? They have a talented roster, a solid coach, young talent, their own prima donna and they also can’t beat the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most of those are prerequisites for LeBron James.  Dwight Howard would hold the team hostage if they signed James so it’s also unlikely.

Toronto Raptors – This is definitely where he should go … okay, maybe not where he SHOULD go but definitely where I’d like to see him. A championship in Toronto is what the city needs. The Leafs haven’t won since 1967; the Blue Jays haven’t even made the playoffs since they last won the World Series in 1993 and the Toronto FC…enough said. Perhaps he’ll throw everyone off by signing in T.Dot.

Cleveland Cavaliers – The team that LeBron started with will likely be the team he retires with, you know, because of the whole being born there thing. Even though he’ll retire there, it won’t be because he signs an extended contract with them. He’ll likely sign a one-day contract when he’s 38 and retire that way. While Cleveland would be my second choice (after Toronto) to land James, Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson will likely have to hope the Cavs have alternate plans this offseason.

Okay, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The team LeBron James will be playing for next season is….I’m kidding, I don’t actually know. That’s the best part about LeBron, he’ll make you think he’s going one way and then he’ll go the other. The team that promotes the hardest, waits the longest and is the best fit will definitely not be the team that gets him. I’m expecting a “Decision: Take Two” in the not so distant future.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed with the Milwaukee Bucks just to laugh at us all.

All I can say to James is this: you may have fooled us last time, you may have taken us for a ride. When the day comes that you make a decision, I’ll be blasting The Who and singing along with Roger Daltrey, “we don’t get fooled again!”



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