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Documenting the decline of former Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow

If you were to list some of the top WWE superstars of this generation, Damien Sandow definitely wouldn’t make the list. He knows it and we all know it, but now it seems like Sandow is trying to change that.

Just last year he had one of the biggest prizes in WWE in his grasp, the Money in the Bank briefcase, the one thing in WWE that doesn’t come with any guarantees but gives the superstar holding it something much more dangerous. Hope.

Sandow had that hope. He called himself the “uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion” and he held onto that briefcase for months being made a fool of by WWE and Cody Rhodes at every opportunity. Until finally he cashed in his only bargaining chip and came up empty handed. Only the second guy in history to do so. Who was the first you ask? Why only the face of the company and one of the biggest names they have in John Cena.

Damien joined the group that no one wanted to be a part of and after his briefcase was taken away, his hope left too. For what really is a man without hope?

He’s still “the intellectual saviour of the masses” but he’s never actually won a WWE championship and in the two years he has been in WWE he has become nothing more than a butt of an inside joke.

Santino Marella went the same way a few years ago and the way Damien is going lately, it’s not a far stretch from him coming out in a dress and referring to himself as Damina.

At the beginning of this year Sandow went on a losing streak that lasted from January until May, which also included him being the first man eliminated from this year’s Royal Rumble and being pinned by Sin Cara in a match that lasted around a minute.

As if that wasn’t enough, it seems Sandow has now gone insane. He tried to make a speech on the Raw pre-show a few weeks ago that saw him mock WWE and show his dissatisfaction with the company until he had his mic switched off, reminiscent of the CM Punk stunts of 2011. Except this time no one cared, no one backed him and apparently neither did WWE because they put all of this on the pre-show. Why? They couldn’t find five minutes on Raw for him to speak but they can find 10 minutes for Rusev to be awarded a medal for services to a country he isn’t even from?

It seems after this Sandow has decided he no longer cares about being “intellectual”, he wants to prove that WWE only cares about characters and costumes. So he has dressed up as Magneto, Davy Crockett, Sherlock Holmes, Lance Stevenson and Pete Rose in recent weeks. All of which have seen him mocked and either knocked out punched or just pinned.

He has become a joke and just when it was thought that it couldn’t get any worse, he came out wearing a skin coloured unitard for his match against the Usos on Raw this week, and boy was that a hard one to watch.

I dread to think where this is going or what this is leading to. Many think Sandow is being punished for this because it wasn’t so long ago that he was one of Vince’s favourite superstars. Now he can’t even be a part of a decent match without having to make a show of himself.

He is a fantastic wrestler when given a chance to shine and a decent opponent, whatever the end game for this is I really hope it’s soon because the decline of Damien Sandow is becoming harder and harder to watch every week.

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